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Sustainable Clothing Brands Leading The Eco Fashion Movement | Top 5 by WTVOX Shop


Not too long ago, the idea of fashion clothes coming from ‘sustainable clothing brands’ would have triggered visions of scratchy-looking, unflattering outfits to most of us. However, the growing issues of overconsumption and environmental damage has made conscious fashion lovers to push fashion brands to rethink their strategies and come up with more eco-friendly and sustainable garments.

WTVOX has selected top 5 sustainable clothing brands, not just unique in their value propositions but regarded as leaders of the sustainable and ethical fashion movement, while retaining style and comfort.

1. Sustainable Clothing Brands – Jeanerica

The brand brings a vibe of minimalistic – chic fashion in all of its organic cotton denim lines. Jeanerica uses not only organic cotton but also recycled organic cotton, clearly labelled on each product.

The brand has put in place technologies design to limiting the washing and finishing processes known for polluting the earth and atmosphere, making Jeanerica your source of guilt-free and healthy cotton fashion garments.

2. Sustainable Clothing Brands – Grassroot by Anita Dongre

Grassroot by AD is a sustainable luxury label created by the designers drive to revive, sustain, and empower craftsmen and artisans from India. The label showcases terrific traditional garments, handcrafted in some of the most contemporary designs. Contribute to the Indian heritage by giving them a try today. Their latest creations can be found here.

3. Sustainable Clothing Brands – Pour Les Femmes

The French-named sustainable clothing brand ‘Pour Les Femmes’ was co-founded by the actress and activist Robin Wright and intended as a ‘socially-conscious’ sleepwear label.

Sustainable Clothing Brands - pour les femmes fashion

The brand supports survivors of violence women of Congo, as all profits from the brand’s creations, such as nightgowns pyjamas, and many more, go to the women.

‘Pour Les Femmes’ also empowers Congolese women by sending them to the university or teaching them essential skills such as sewing, so they can become self-sufficient and earn their own money, and thus, break the secular dependency on men.

4. Sustainable Clothing Brands – Ka-Sha

Launched by the eminent fashion designer Karishma Shahani, Ka-Sha is a sustainable fashion label that puts forward a unique clothing line from recycled and upcycled materials.

The brand’s principal focus is on zero waste, and the celebration of multi-layered cultures so if sustainability with an ethical taste is what you like, give them a try now.

5. Sustainable Clothing Brands – Rave Review

Being present as one of the leading sustainable clothing brands during the last season of Fashion Week in Paris, Rave Review has earned its spot in the eyes of media seeking brands that appeal to conscious fashion consumer.

Sustainable Clothing Brands - rave review fashion
The creation of Livia Schück and Josephine Bergqvist, students that become friends at Beckmans Designhögskola – The College of Design in Stockholm, Rave Review’s outfits are made up solely of pre-used clothes and textiles remains as an answer to the fast-growing upcycled couture.

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