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Stella McCartney + LVMH For A New Era Of Conscious Luxury Fashion – But, How Did We Get Here?


The age of conscious luxury fashion😍🌿. Stella McCartney is to enter into a partnership with LVMH, aimed at developing further the British conscious luxury fashion house.

The announcement comes at a time when luxury fashion labels race to show consumers their commitment to animal welfare, reducing waste and pollution and overall environmental impact.

Stella McCartney, the brand, is driven by the designer with the same name and will retain majority ownership. Stella, the designer, is known in the world of fashion as the pioneer and leader of the cruelty-free movement in fashion cruelty.

Stella McCartney partners with LVMH pushing for a more conscious luxury fashion

Eventually, the designer has discarded most animal-based products such as feathers, fur, animal-glues, and any leather from its production lines, opting for innovative, ethical, and nature-friendly materials.

The Stella McCartney LVMH partnership follows the designer’s decision to buy back 50% stake from Kering Group, LVMH’s fierce rival. The designer doesn’t forget that Kering was her most ardent supporter in the early days of the brand.

A time when not many industry leaders believed in cruelty-free fashion in general, let alone, in the luxury segment, based on rare animal skins.

However, the designer understands that to take conscious luxury fashion to the next level, a bigger partner is needed.

“We are looking forward to a long-term partnership, with great potential for both houses,” said Bernard Arnault, LVMH Chairman and CEO.

LVMH partners with Stella McCartney pushing for sustainability in luxury fashion

Stella McCartney’s dedication over the past decade on animal welfare, ethical issues and sustainability has reached a tipping point and a critical value to the world of luxury fashion:

“Stella McCartney will help LVMH increase awareness of such important topics much further than ever before,” continued LVMH’s Chairman.

While media remains focused on global fast-fashion such as H&M, Zara, and sportswear giants like Adidas and Nike, the key to change will always be in the luxury segment. Luxury, as a sector has always been a trendsetter. The entire fashion industry is built or relies on luxury fashion segment.

Any movement or change at the top will be quickly mirrored and reflect across the whole fashion industry, for years to come. That’s why, to achieve sustainable and cruelty-free fashion, the change must start at the top, with more conscious luxury fashion houses.

Because of its ancient reliance and ‘exclusive quality’ image constructed on the use of materials of animal origin, such as rare leather, silk, and cashmere, the segment was reluctant to change.

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However, thanks to Stella’s pioneering work, it has now become evident that luxury consumers are ready to change. Ready to embrace cruelty-free and eco-conscious luxury, as a new sign of status. The ultimate status of a conscious luxury buyer.

If you are a luxury buyer, what’s your take on this new trend of conscious luxury fashion? Yay or nay? Justify your stance in the comments box below.

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