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Sony Xperia Ear – The Best Personal Assistant


Sony Xperia Ear – The Best Personal Assistant.
Google Glass brought notifications right in our eyeballs, but “the glass” is far from a consumer hit. We live in a world of data. A world of notifications. We need them to function and Sony, came up a different idea. Let’s deliver notifications straight to your ear instead your eyes. How simple is that?
It is the new concept behind the Xperia Ear, a little Sony hearable that acts as a virtual assistant, right into your ear. If you saw the movie “Her” with Joaquin Phoenix you know what I mean. Yes, it is more or less the same idea.
It works like this: Thanks to an app installed on your Android mobile, the Xperia Ear can alert you to incoming calls, messages, calendar appointments or even weather forecasts. Moreover, just like with the Google Glass, you can speak orders into it whether it is dictating an email or finding directions to the nearest Starbucks. Or, the PC World for a change.

Sony Xperia Ear – Design And Features

xperia ear by sony
The Sony Ear is designed to work with either a Sony Xperia smartphone via a dedicated app or with any Android phone via the Gtalk app.
There are some neat ways to use “the Ear” and make your life easier. Since “the Ear” knows when you put it in your ear, it sends the info or notifications from the app right into your ear as soon as they arrive. News, weather, emails, it is your choice. As it is the case with any Bluetooth earpiece, you can tap the side of the device for voice-assisted commands. It works great if you drive a lot as you can keep your hands on the wheel.
Regarding the design, the device comes in many silicone tips sizes and four colors. You can choose from white, black, pink or yellow to better match your lifestyle and your outfits.

What is more interesting is that the Sony Xperia Ear comes with a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope. We asked Sony what is the role of these sensors inside “the Ear” but for the time being, there is no reply back. Sony is just saying that is working on new apps that are going to advantage of the sensors we have mentioned above. I am curious to see what they are going to come up with but, I’ll bet my five cents on some fitness related apps.
Another nice feature that Sony Xperia Ear has is the option of playing music through it. However, even Sony thinks that the mono experience is not much joy for hardcore music fans. However, for the light users like me that are more into audio podcasts and audio books, the sound quality delivered by “the Ear” is good enough.

Sony Xperia Ear – Battery Life And Availability

Sony is promising around 80 hours of standby battery, and 3.5 hours of talk time. Regarding price, Sony did not detail on how much the Xperia Ear is going to cost. The device goes on sale, at the beginning of this summer and by then we’ll get the latest prices for you, U.K. and U.S. ready.
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Bookmark this page as we are going to update this article with new, fresh news from Sony. Until then, let us know what your thoughts are about the new Xperia Ear, in the comments section below.

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