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Sony SmartWatch 4: The Story So Far


Sony is prepping its next-generation of smartwatches, Sony Smartwatch 4, to be launched at the start of next year in Las Vegas at CES 2016. According to rumours, Sony Smartwatch 4 comes with significant improvements such as 4G connectivity and a huge range of sensors.

Sony SmartWatch 4: Design And Specs

sony smartwatch 4 rumours
With the smartwatches market heating up, the Smartwatch 4 is rumoured to be slimmer than the Smartwatch 3, with a new design that is more sleek and fashionable than the current model, and added features.
If the rumours are correct, the new Smartwatch 4 will include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU (1.2GHz), 768 MB of RAM, a slim bezel Corning Gorilla Glass 3 LCD, a 420mAH battery and will run the latest Android Wear OS.
It will also have dust and water resistance, just like the previous model. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE.

The new Sony smartwatch will have integrated 4G connectivity. For that, you’ll need a standalone data plan, something similar to LG’s Watch Urbane 2 or Samsung’s Gear S2 3G.
The cellular option will break the watch away from the need of a smartphone and lets it work as an independent device. Other improved features rumoured are the heart rate sensor, the altimeter, the pedometer and the GPS.
In terms of custom straps and watch faces Sony Smartwatch 3 was great. The same comes with its successor, including different sizes (42mm and 46mm) and a variety of straps and colours.

Sony SmartWatch 4: Release Date And Conclusion

We have some internal rumours that Sony Smartwatch will be launched at CES 2016 in Las Vegas with a starting price of $300 – $350. An ideal choice if you don’t want your smartphone with you all day long, but still need to be connected.
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    19th November 2015

    Any mention of NFC???

  2. Sony completely failed to support the Smartwatch 3. Voice recognition didn’t work (“I didn’t catch that” bug, plus an apparently bad microphone that couldn’t pick up anything at the best of times unless you shouted at it). The straps that you say were “great” were pretty much non-existent: the stainless steel strap took FOREVER to appear, and when it did, it was an expensive, virtually unobtainable item. Now, even Sony’s own site doesn’t list it.