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Smartwatch News – Top 5 Watch OS Platforms By 2020


Smartwatch News – Based on the latest report from IDC (the International Data Corporation) and other third party sources, we’ve put together a forecast into “top 5 smartwatch platforms by 2020”. Without further ado, let’s get to the business. As expected, Apple is going to retain its dominance in 2016 and years to come. However, the gap between the first and the second place, in the platform rankings, is going to shrink.

“Pumped up” by the launch of Apple Watch 2, the Cupertino-based company is expected to sell 14 million watches this year alone. If we convert the watch sales in market shares, that is almost 50% of the smartwatches market.

The Android Wear remains the silver medalist, with 6.1 million shipments by the end of 2016. That also translates to nearly 15% of the market pie. However, by 2020, Android is going to close the gap with 28.8 million shipments and 35% of the market.

smartwatch news by 2020

Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker.

Let’s have a look at the above table and check out in detail the top 5 smartwatch platform highlights by 2020.

Smartwatch News – Apple Watch OS

watchos 2.2 beta1
The sales are going to slow down in the first half of 2016. That is because the anticipation builds for the 2nd generation of Apple Watch. The new watch comes with better hardware, a new OS and together with a solid ecosystem, it will keep Apple in the leader seat for the next four years.

Smartwatch News – Android Wear OS

android wear smartwatch news
Google’s wearable OS retains the second place thanks to its list of partners that continues to grow. Also, just like the watchOS, the smartwatch platform integrates further into Google’s ecosystem. Also, Google’s decision to limit the UI differentiations is going to have a positive result by forcing brands to improve their designs.

Another major advantage the Android Wear OS has over Apple’s watchOS is the large range of watches, catering for the budget conscious and the fashion conscious at the same time.

Smartwatch News – RTOS

smartwatch news rtos
The “Real-Time Operating System” is a proprietary operating system capable of running third-party apps. The RTOS appeals to consumers looking for a cheap alternative, and it is going to become the third largest smartwatch platform, thanks to major gains in the emerging markets and its use by the Chinese ODMs.

Smartwatch News – Tizen OS

smartwatch news wt vox gear s2
Tizen has a limited app ecosystem that makes it a hard to sell as a smartwatch. However, this dark horse has the potential to take over the Android Wear watch platform, if Samsung can link its lineup of “Gear S” watches to the rest of its consumer electronics portfolio.

Smartwatch News – Linux OS

smartwatch news olio linux os
The Linux-based smartwatches have comparable appeal to the RTOS-based watches. The Linux smartwatch platform has the main focus on the low cost and the new markets adoption. The Linux OS is going to cover the Asia/Pacific zone, without Japan.
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Smartwatch News – Pebble OS

smartwatch news pebble os
With avid fan base and unique hardware, this platform is going to enjoy modest growth in 2016-2017. However, the strong competitive pressures will see Pebble OS losing shares to giants like Android Wear and watchOS.

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