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Smart Clothing – Top 5 Fashion Tech Garments To Wear In 2016


Top 5 smart clothing fashion tech garments to wear in 2016

1. The Heated Trousers by Adidas

Top Smart Clothing - The Heated Trousers by Adidas
Back in 2012, while sponsoring the Team GB cyclists, Adidas came up with an innovative idea of heated pants. These “tailor made” and battery powered trousers, can heat up and warm the legs of the wearer ahead of the exercise. Preheating the muscles it is important in many sports, in cycling in particular.

The “Hotpants” as they are dubbed, allow the muscles to reach the optimal 38 Celsius degrees with no effort and by that shorten the warming up time. In this way, the athletes consume less energy to warm up and manage to save essential energy for the competition.

You will not be able to buy a pair of these trousers yet as Adidas did not make them available for the non-professional athletes, or the mass market. However, many wearable tech startups are working on similar garments, with serious marketing intentions. Keep an eye on us if you’d like to know when a pair becomes available.

Top Smart Clothing – The Hexoskin

Top Smart Clothing - The Hexoskin
The Hexoskin is a new type of wearable tech garment, pointing towards the new wave of “fashion tech” orientated garments that are hitting the shelves these days. The shirt is made with premium quality Italian textiles and smart enough to know how to track your breathing capacity, the heart rate, steps, rhythm, calories and even your sleep.

I hope you are not going to sleep in the same clothes you went running but just in case it happens that you fall asleep at the gym, you can always say that you were, in fact, measuring your sleeping pattern. Always good to know.

The shirt can connect, via the Bluetooth chipset, to most Android and iOS mobiles. The tiny monitoring device is located in a hidden pouch, on the side of the shirt and it can sync with third-party apps like the RunKeeper, Strava, Endomondo, etc

The battery life lasts up to 30 hours and before you take your shirt to have it washed, make sure you remove the smart module as it is not waterproof and you’ll damage it for good.

Hexoskin’s second generation shirt is available in long and short sleeved models for both, women and men. You can order yours right now for the price of $399 in the U.S and about £255, here in the U.K.
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GO Utility Vest solar jacket

Top Smart Clothing - GO Utility Vest solar jacket
Thanks to the GO Utility Vest, charging your smart devices on the go, is no longer a problem. If you are out and about, all day long, then this jacket is for you. Not only you’ll be kept dry and warm, but you’ll also be able to charge your gadgets.

The jacket is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea with those big solar panels “showing off” on the top of each existing pocket. Also, the $580 price turns this jacket into one of the most expensive mobile phone chargers.

That aside, I cannot stop thinking about what the future holds for this technology. By using nanotech, we have already “upgraded” simple textiles with solar power capabilities.

It is now just a matter of weaving them into our clothes and have solar powered garments without looking like we are firefighters wearing protective gear. If you are still interested in buying a GO Utility Vest jacket, you can pick up yours on this site.

The Bionic Bra

Top Smart Clothing - The Bionic Bra
Still under development in Australia, at the University of Wollongong, the Bionic Bra can loosen and tighten on its own, conferring the wearer with more support or breathing room when needed the most.

The idea is to design a product that you can wear during the day at the same level of comfort. You can wear it during your most gruelling sports sessions and after the training when you are reading or relaxing.

However, just like the Hexoskin shirt above, I wonder how many of you leave your sports bras on, after long, sweaty fitness sessions. It was just a rhetorical question; I do not want to know that.
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Smart Clothing By Like A Glove

Top Smart Clothing - LikeAGlove
The LikeAGlove is not a glove as the name might suggest but a pair of smart leggings. The garment can measure your body shape and help you shop online, for the ideal size of clothes.

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The leggings can also filter, via the app on your mobile, the garments on the website you are browsing, and remove from the search the clothes that are not available in your size.

The whole concept here is to make shopping for clothes a fast and pleasant experience by ordering the correct size every time solving the “size problem” the fashion/e-commerce is facing at the moment. The “size problem” means that most potential buyers avoid buying clothes online and prefer to try them in the brick and mortar shops first and then buy.

You can pre-order your LikeAGlove leggings before 16 October for just for £25. After that date expect a normal retail price at £35.
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