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Second Hand Clothes – Fashion Trend Or Sustainable Consumption?


Second Hand Clothes – Is this a new fashion trend, or is it the path towards sustainable fashion consumption? As a type of Collaborative Consumption practice and thanks to the developments in the digital world, the market for second hand clothing is booming. Seeing such movements encouraged me to review some of the best marketplaces from where you can sell and buy pre-owned luxury and fashion clothes, and a little bit talk about how such practices are influencing fashion trends and our lifestyle.

How ‘Cool’ Is Sharing Fashion?

The way we buy clothes has seen a lot of changes over the past two decades. Our appetite for keeping up with the latest fashion trends has pushed the apparel industry towards mass production.

Not only that, but our buying habits have changed. We feel a strong obligation to buy new clothes all the time, and our happiness is tied to shopping.

Over time, our excessive consumption has caused catastrophic environmental and social incidents. We abused animals, filled up oceans with waste and even put human’s life at risk (Rana Plaza is the best example) just to quench our shopping thirst.

Second Hand Clothes - How 'Cool' Is Sharing Fashion?

But can we suddenly change our habits and become an ‘ethical consumer‘? It is not that easy. Usually, ethical and high-quality production results in high prices. Also, how can you keep up with the trend if you’re trying to cut down your fashion purchases?

So is it possible to remain trendy, stay stylish, enjoy high-quality luxurious clothes and do good while not spending an arm and a leg?

The answer could be yes! Thanks to the latest technological advancement, the development of online platforms have given us the gift of Customer to Customer shopping services.

The best examples of such business models are Uber and Airbnb. In these new environments, we are not only able to share our experiences and thoughts but also we can share values, and nothing is cooler than this.

So, Here I have selected some of the best second hand clothes online stores, through which you can sell and buy luxury and fashion items right now.

Second Hand Clothes – 1. HEWI London

The London-based company, HEWI (Hardly Ever Worn It) aims to create a seamless sharing fashion experience through its second hand fashion resale platform.

Second Hand Clothes - HEWI London

The platform incorporates preowned women, men, and even kids designer goods that are either new or have been barely worn. It allows shoppers to buy items, make offers for future purchases or sell their designer goods without any extra fees.

A VIP service is also available for sellers, who want HEWI London to handle everything on their behalf, from collecting the items to the buyer enquiries. This method also allows sellers to remain anonymous if they wish.

Second hand clothes - Jimmy Choo Romy 85 Silver Glitter Pumps

Jimmy Choo Romy 85 Silver Glitter Pumps – BUY NOW

Second Hand Clothes – 2. High Fashion Society

Launched in 2010, High Fashion Society is providing a range of services that allow the members of its online platform to buy and sell their previous season designer collections and luxury items.

Second Hand Clothes - High Fashion Society
With the aim of designing a marketplace in which shopping pre-owned designer brands are as pleasurable as direct purchases from a design house, High Fashion Society ensure the authenticity of all luxury goods.

The online platform offers a variety of exclusive services including a money back guarantee, regular updates of the latest fashion and styles, discounts services, product alerts, and offers for fashion events.

Also, like HEWI, a VIP service is available that facilitates the selling process for the members.

Second hand clothes - CHANEL Black Maxi Classic Flap Bag

CHANEL Black Maxi Classic Flap Bag – BUY NOW

Second Hand Clothes – 3. Rewind Vintage

Founded in 2010 in the UK, Rewind Vintage offers a safe and effortless second hand shopping experience as an online marketplace for vintage and unusual pre-owned luxury handbags and jewellery.

Second Hand Clothes - Rewind Vintage

By collaborating with other e-commerce platforms such as Farfetch, Rewind has created an extensive online network for pre-owned luxury products.

However, Rewind experts source, select, buy, sell, and customise all the items themselves in order to ensure the quality of the products and protect the privacy of the customers.

The products are not only limited to custom-picked collections such as Chanel, Celine, Gucci, and Hermès, but Rewind also offers some rare and hard to find vintage gems.

More than that, Rewind offers customised services for its customers who wish to personalise their own designer handbags our on of the pre-owned ones by its collaboration with a number of established and up and coming artists.

Second hand clothes - Christian Dior Vintage Bangle

Christian Dior Vintage Bangle – BUY NOW

Second Hand Clothes – 4. REBELLE

Founded by Cécile Wickmann and Max Schönemann in Hamburg Speicherstadt, REBELLE is a new online platform for second hand clothes. It offers high-end and luxury fashion and accessories.
Second Hand Clothes - REBELLE

Allowing Individuals and professional re-sellers to share their designer goods in REBELLE ‘s online marketplace, the platform includes all the necessary information about the products, from high-resolution pictures, the description of the textile and used materials to delivery.

To validate the quality and authenticity of the products, a team of experts inspects every single item that is being shared in the marketplace to ensure a safe and trusting shopping environment for the users.

To create a unique experience for the customers, REBELLE guarantees a 48-hour delivery service with green packaging.

Second hand clothes - IPMC x REBELLE Vintage Louis Vuitton Art-Piece-to-go

IPMC x REBELLE Vintage Louis Vuitton Art-Piece-to-go – BUY NOW

Second Hand Clothes – 5. Vestiaire Collective

Since 2009, Vestiaire Collective has expanded its local business from Paris to a global scale. Now their Vestiaire’s platform covers over 50 countries in Europe, the United States, and soon Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The online marketplace is an affordable alternative for fashion lovers to the recent fast fashion shopping habits which allows them to buy and sell designer clothing and accessories.
Second Hand Clothes - Vestiaire Collective

Providing over 3200 fashion items a week for the shoppers to choose from, Vestiaire Collective ensures a unique shopping experience for its customers.

More than that, Vestiaire Collective is developing new features to improve its shopping services, such as a smart email alerting feature that informs buyers to know whether a particular item they are hunting for, is listed or not.

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The platform allows interaction with sellers for more information and negotiation on offers. Also, a team, comprised of highly trained counterfeit experts, is in place to check for the authenticity of the items, so that customer feel safe knowing the items they have purchased are genuine.

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