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‘Reimagine Fashion’ For €150K – EU Sustainable Fashion Competition


Calling all fashion innovators to ‘Reimagine Fashion’ Sustainable Fashion Competition organised by the EU.

Titled ‘Reimagine Fashion: Changing Behaviours for Sustainable Fashion”, the competition seeks to uncover and support projects that will change the way we produce, purchase, consume and recycle fashion.

The 2020 edition of the ‘Reimagine Fashion’ Sustainable Fashion competition is open to all kinds of doers, makers and creators.

Anyone can apply, from early-stage startups to social innovators, entrepreneurs, students, designers, businesses and so on.

Sustainable Fashion Competition – Create Change

Apart from the general guidelines outlined here, all applicants must reside from across the EU Member States and all ‘Horizon 2020’ associated countries.

Recent studies show that on average, an EU citizen purchases just a bit over 12kgs of garments every year.

It might not seem much; however, when summed, the numbers are overwhelming.

The total production of EU-consumed garments requires 46 billion cubic meters of water and discharges 195 million tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Manufacturing, disposing and consumption of garments account for up to 10 per cent of EU’s overall environmental impact.

Moreover, over 30 per cent of the garments found in Europeans’ wardrobes have been used only once.

Even worse, once discarded, over half of these garments are sent to incinerators or landfills.

Create A More Sustainable Fashion Industry

Reimagine Fashion 2020

To address these growing issues, the 2020 Reimagine Fashion’ Sustainable Fashion Competition is looking for startups that need help to improve sustainable fashion production, purchasing, consumption and disposal of products.

Important to note, the proposed solutions for sustainable fashion competition should be scalable at local, national, and European levels.

The ‘Reimagine Fashion’ Sustainable Fashion competition is part of the European Commission’s 2020 European Social Innovation Program.

Reimagine Fashion 2020

The competition’s central role is to raise further awareness around the topic of sustainable fashion and trigger a change in consumer behaviour.

Moreover, with the help of the winning startups, the EU hopes to improve the environmental and social impact of fashion and foster a more innovative and sustainable industry.

Sustainable Fashion Winners Get €50,000 Each

Sustainable fashion competition is 2020

Entries to the 2020 edition of the competition are now open, and the application deadline is on Wednesday, 4th March.

Each entry will be assessed against the judging criteria set out in the Rules of Contest as follows:

  • Degree of Innovation – 40 per cent.
  • Social Impact – 20 per cent.
  • Sustainability Value – 25 per cent.
  • Scaling Power – 15 per cent.

Then, the jury will select 30 semi-finalists to receive supportive packages.

From those 30 semi-finalists, three winning ideas will be chosen, each to receive €50,000 in November 2020, at a specially organised Awards Ceremony.

Sustainable Events To Prepare The Participants

Sustainable Fashion Events

To inspire potential applicants throughout the application phase, the Commission has organised a series of four webinars throughout February with experts in the field of sustainable fashion.

1. Sustainable Fashion – The Lifecycle of Clothes.

Featuring speaker Nin Castle from Reverse Resources. Access the digital recording of the webinar here.

2. Sustainable Fashion – The Power of the Consumer.

Featuring speaker Marina Spadafora, Designer and Sustainable Fashion Activist. Access the digital recording of the webinar here.

3. Sustainable Fashion – Production of Clothes to make it Transformational.

Featuring speaker Gloria Gubianas, Co-Founder of Hemper Handmade. Access the digital recording of the webinar here.

4. Sustainable Fashion – Design Strategies for Consuming Less.

Featuring speaker Dr Irene Maldini, Researcher at the Research group Fashion & Technology of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Access the digital recording of the webinar here.

5. Sustainable Fashion ‘get together’ – Valencia, Spain.

Held at the ‘Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia’, in celebration of the launch of the 2020 European Social Innovation Competition.

The core of the event was networking and talks on social innovation and sustainable fashion and brought together innovators, entrepreneurs and policymakers in a serious of well-designed workshops.

Moreover, the event’s aim is to spark new ideas and solutions in sustainable fashion and support aspiring innovators in the fashion industry. See pics from the event here.

EU – Building On Previous Sustainable Measures

Reimagine Fashion 2020 by European Commission

The 2020 Sustainable Fashion Competition is designed to complement several measures the European Commission has already implemented to address the problem of sustainability in fashion.

For example, introduced in 2018, the ‘Circular Economy Package‘ required – for the first time – the EU Member States to ensure that discarded clothes and other textiles are collected separately.

The currently binding ‘Textile Regulation‘ of 2011 lays down rules for labelling and marking of all textile products.

Reimagine Fashion 2020

It includes the obligation to state the full fibre composition of textile products at all stages of industrial processing and commercial distribution, and rules on textile fibre names.

Now, the EU’s new ‘Waste Directive‘ requires all Member States to set up such schemes at the latest by 2025.

The ‘Packaging Waste Directive’ introduces targets for the recycling of 60 per cent of all packaging by 2025 and 70 per cent by 2030.

Nevertheless, all these policy changes require manufacturers and consumers’ support, hence the role of ‘Reimagine Fashion’ – Sustainable Fashion Competition.

How To Enter – Sustainable Fashion Competition

Sustainable fashion competition is 2020

Needless to say, we’re very excited about the scope and potential of this year’s competition.

Wishing all good luck, we are looking forward to seeing your amazing submissions and ideas!

For more information on the Sustainable Fashion Competition 2020, and how to enter, click here.

You can access here more information on earlier editions and winning projects.

All questions about the Competition must be sent to [email protected]

For daily updates, follow the 2020 Sustainable Fashion Competition on Twitter: @EUSocialInnov #diogochallenge

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