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Recycled Blue Jeans Sunglasses And Fashion Accessories With Mosevic


The first thing that Mosevic wants you to know about its ‘Solid Denim’ sunglasses range is that they’re not gimmicks.

“Zeiss polarized lenses are offered with a graduated tint,” says Jack Spencer, who co-founded the innovative fashion brand.

Recycled Blue Jeans Sunglasses

The frames are contoured by adding more layers of denim where the frames rest on your nose and at the hinge. The temple arms are reinforced with a steel wire so that they do not lose their shape and they are connected to the frames with sturdy five-barrel hinges.
Recycled Blue Jeans Sunglasses
A year after a Kickstarter campaign gave the company the jump-start it needed, Mosevic is launching “Worn,” a line of frames crafted entirely out of discarded blue jeans-turned solid. Like all of Mosevic’s accessories, every one of the new pieces is hand-made in the company’s workshop in Cornwall, England, UK. Layers of denim are infused with a “selected” resin for endurance, robustness and flexibility.

Recycled Blue Jeans Sunglasses

“It is denim all the way through,” Spencer said.

Mosevic’s value proposition does not come from the denim it reclaims but rather from its extensive customisation capability which offers for a kaleidoscopic array of fabrics with diverse hues and gradients.

“Every single pair is unique,” Spencer said. “Expect flashes of colour and an explosion of texture!”

It’s worth noting, however, that bespoke, handcrafted sunglasses do not come cheap. Prices start at £139 for a single pair or about $204 in American US dollars and you can order yours online from the official store right here.

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