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Project Jacquard – Levi's Smart Jacket Ready To Go On Sale


Thanks to Google’s I/O 2016, we have some official Project Jacquard news to share with you. Google has confirmed that a new smart jacket, made in collaboration with Levi’s is going to hit the stores next year.
Project Jacquard is a special department at Google researching and designing new materials and conductive fibres that can be woven into textiles, enabling any garment to become smart or at interactive.
By announcing the launch of a jacket, the company proves that the materials designed have reached a level of interactivity sufficient to conduct electricity, detect hand pressure, touch and position.
The first product of the collaboration between called Google's Advanced Technology and Products team, and Levi's, a very active participant in the Project Jacquard is the "Commuter" jacket.
The first product of the collaboration between called Google’s Advanced Technology and Products team, and Levi’s, a very active participant in the Project Jacquard is the “Commuter” jacket.

Detailing on the “Commuter” jacket, on the left arm, you’ll find a patch of interactive threading and a Bluetooth-enabled chip hidden inside the cuff. Together, the system allows you to connect and control your smartphone by drawing signs and gestures on the jacket.

Project Jacquard – Levi’s Commuter In Stores Next Year

Swipe on your left arm to turn up the sound with your favourite music app or tap to get voice guidance from Google maps. More important, as the “Commuter” jacket is a biking jacket, for active people, you’ll be able to use it while on the go, without having to stop.
Now, we all know that electricity and water and not very good friends. Fear no more, the team at Project Jacquard swears by its fabric. You can wash it and wear it and wash it again, just like any other jacket you have in your wardrobe. However, you’ll have to remove the Bluetooth cuff before throwing the jacket in your washing machine. Levi’s did not mention any price yet but promised to have the first garment in stores by next year in April.
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One more thing. The “Commuter” jacket is not a one off project but some serious business, and both teams are already testing new types of fabrics for new clothes. Subscribe to our weekly emails and be the first to receive any Project Jacquard news, straight from the oven.

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