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Power of Proximity – A Fashion Tech Collection That Brings Us Together


Power of Proximity – a fashion tech collection that brings us together. Imagine that you walk into a room full of strangers. How can you realise if you have something in common with anyone in the room?

Well, you might say that while it might be possible to find out about strangers in the digital realm, through online applications or social media, it seems impossible to know a person in the physical world without engaging in a discussion first.

Power of Proximity – An Inspiration

Indeed there are many online applications aiming to bring us closer together, but there is a lot to miss out if we limit our socialising and interactions to screens.

Power of Proximity - Metacommunication Between Garments

Though, consciously or subconsciously, we always have had the tendency to somehow showcase our personality through our appearance. Our fashion choices, in particular, is a sketch of who we are; it has a lot to say about our interests, our hobbies, and even our preferences.

This expressive characteristic of fashion has inspired the latest collection of Zsófia Lévai, a fashion tech designer creating at the edge of Human-Computer interactions to explore the endless possibilities of shared experiences that lie upon the Digital Age.

Power of Proximity – About the Collection

Following the notion of  ‘Village Effect’, suggesting that our well being is closely tied up with our physical and social integration into our community, Zsófia’s ‘Power of Proximity‘ fashion tech collection uses Instagram data, creating a network between garments to show what users have in common according to their favourite spots.

To do so, the collection utilises a mesh network to link the garments and determine the commonalities between the users. Infrared signalling is used to tell if the wearers are facing each other, and when that happens, an array of LEDs highlights the level of commonalities.

Moreover, the commonality level changes if the users spend time together. Merino wool and cashmere are used in the creation of the garments. This has allowed the designer to seamlessly embed electronics into the textile and create stylish, soft, and comfortable interfaces.

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