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Polar Loop Crystal – Another Swarovski Partnership In Tech


Polar, is a Finish brand that was conceived in 1977. Polar is also the one that invented the world’s first wireless heart rate monitor. There are not many companies on the wearable tech “rooster” that can make that sort of claim.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a Polar watch. Always involved in fitness, martial arts, always looking for ways to improve my game. To me, Polar was the only real choice.
Polar has real expertise in physiology, sports and electronics, but for some reason the wearable tech wave did not start too well for them. Jawbone, another old tech company, did rather well. The secret seems to be the fashion tech approach. Or the non-approach in Polar’s case.

Polar Loop Crystal – Design And Features

polar loop crystal design and specs

The new Polar Loop bracelet was designed in partnership with Swarovski.

Their last tracker, Loop 2, was seen as not “flashy” enough by those who want a piece of jewellery as much as a piece of tech.
But, as they say, “it is never too late” and, this time Polar has decided that it is time to “spice up” the things a bit.
The result is a Polar Loop bracelet in partnership with Swarovski. The Polar Loop Crystal. This time, they paid attention to the fashion trends in wearables and embedded 30 Swarovski crystals in the body of the new device. In the two stainless steel edge plates.
Polar bracelet with Swarovski crystals

The stainless steel bezels are a good spot for the crystals. It makes them stand out but not in an ostentation way.

The crystals and the new buckle make the new tracker look like a fashion accessory, rather than a gadget. It looks like Polar can learn a thing or two from their old friend, Jawbone and its Jawbone 3.
It is true, the sporty design remained, but the white colour and the embedded crystals of the new Polar Loop Crystal device make it appealing to women. In fact, it was designed for women.

Polar Loop Crystal – Specs And Battery


To sync data with your smartphone, you need the Polar Flow app from the app store.

Polar Loop Crystal has a display made of 85 LEDs and a weight of 38g that makes you forget if you wear it on your wrist, all day long.
The bracelet is sold as “splashproof” so you can wash your hands with no fear the crystals will come off or it stops working but don’t go swimming with it.

Polar says that if you train one hour a day the battery will last you up to eight days, with 24/7 activity tracking on but notifications off. If you turn the notifications on, the battery will last you only three days. Compared with other trackers on the market, this is not bad.
Inside is the Bluetooth that lets you connect to your phone, via Polar Flow app. Also, there is a custom USB connector that allows you to charge the device and also sync your data with a PC or a Mac.

Polar Loop Crystal – Software And Notifications

The Polar Loop Crystal bracelet brings many useful features, in addition to the fashionable design. The new features include activity, sleep tracking, smart notifications and inactivity alerts.
I mentioned at the beginning that Polar has a vast experience in fitness and physiology. Polar Loop Crystal is no exception and it will guide you through your exercises, step by step.
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For that, you need their custom app, named Polar Flow. The app is available for both stores, Android and iOS.
Once connected to your phone, you will receive audio or vibration alerts from incoming calls, messages and push notifications from social media apps.

Polar Loop Crystal – Availability And Price

If you want to buy one, Polar Loop Crystal is already available on Polar’s website. You’ll have to fork out $160, or 160 euros (£124.5). Just $40 more than the basic Loop 2 that is already available on Amazon store, but worth the investment. Now, you can wear your fitness tracker not only at the gym, but also when you go out with your friends.

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