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Personalised Clothing By WoW In Fashion Tech


Personalised Clothing By WoW In Fashion Tech – As much as we tend to follow the latest fashion trends, having a unique style is a must. But is it possible to stay trendy and be different at the same time? One of the easiest ways to express the unique aspect of our selves is customised fashion.

However, thanks to the development of online platforms there is no need to have a personal tailor for that. Here is one of the ways that technology can enhance our life experiences, in particular, fashion purchases.

Personalised clothing by Flair Atelier

Personalised Clothing – Flair Atelier

Founded by Marianna Ferro, Flair Atelier is an online platform that enables conscious and mindful women to customise sustainable garments according to their preferences in a way that it reflects their style and fit.

Personalised Clothing - Black and white Flair Atelier customised blouse

With having sustainability at its heart, Flair Atelier makes every garment with dedication and care in Italy. Flair Atelier, combines Italian tailoring tradition with long-lasting materials and technologies to ensure the best quality result.

Personalised Clothing – About Marianna Ferro

Before working in finance, being appointed as an ambassador for Acumen Fund, and mentoring for Virgin Start-Up, Marianna Ferro had a career in fashion e-commerce. Not to mention that living and working in Europe, South America and China have given Marianna the required experience in developing international businesses.

Marianna Ferro, founder of Flair Atelier

Marianna Ferro, founder of Flair Atelier

Moreover, Marianna’s educational background includes a BSc and an MSc in Business Administration and Finance from Milan’s Bocconi University, as well as an MSc in History from the London School of Economics, that further nurtured her entrepreneur spirit, leading her to embark on a new journey with Flair Atelier.

In an exclusive interview, Marija Butkovic, the founder of Women of Wearables, uncovers the story behind the idea of Flair Atelier, the mission that the company pursuits and more details about the life, struggles and success of the young entrepreneur behind the project, Marianna Ferro.

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