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Top 5 Fashion Tech Outdoor Clothing Trends. Technology has always been an inseparable part of the apparel industry. From the invention of the first sewing machine to today’s 3D printing methods, technology has always influenced the way we dress.

The appearance of digital manufacturing tools and methods has allowed emerging fashion designers to unleash their imagination and create beautiful garments in shapes and forms that the world has never seen before.

Top 5 Fashion Tech Outdoor Clothing - Moon Parka at Spiber workshop in japan

Moreover, digitisation has contributed to the augmentation of the apparel industry by adding an extra layer of functionality to clothing. As a direct result of technological innovation and wearable technology adoption, a new wave of fashion tech products has emerged.

Outdoor Clothing – Forward-Thinking Brands Are Moving

Current investments from established fashion brands in emerging fashion-tech startups highlight the ‘storm’ that’s coming.

As fashion tech startups are paying attention to the aesthetic, uniqueness, and environmental-social performance of the materials produced, more fashion brands recourse to technology to enhance the functionality of their apparel goods and also augment the intangible attributes of their brands, to make them more appealing to early adopters and conscious consumers.

The following article highlights the top five most innovative designs in fashion tech outdoor clothing, that you can buy right now.

1. Outdoor Clothing – Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket

By using an innovative type of responsive material, Vollebak, an outdoor apparel startup founded by adventure athletes Nick and Steve Tidball, has made one of the most amazing outdoor clothing gear you have ever seen. Welcome to the Solar Charged Jacket.

Top 5 Fashion Tech Outdoor Clothing - Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket glows in the dark

This fashion tech outdoor clothing has more to offer than any high-quality outdoor jackets on the market. As well as being waterproof, stretchy, highly breathable, soft, and lightweight, the fabric can be charged out in the sunshine or even underneath a light bulb.

Top 5 Fashion Tech Outdoor Clothing - drawing on Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket in the dark

Thanks to a unique membrane consisting of an ultra-thin layer of phosphorescent compound placed inside a translucent mesh, the jacket absorbs light over time. When the dark comes, the jacket glows out of its own ‘power’, creating a magical show.

The fabric’s quick response to light allows the users to draw on it with flashlights or smartphone torches, in the dark, to write messages or emojis for friends and the loved ones.

2. Outdoor Clothing – Levi’s Commuter X Jacquard By Google

In partnership with Google, Levi Strauss has designed and launched a smart jacket, named Levi’s Commuter X Jacquard. The jacket can be paired with smartphones through its own app and allows the wearers to play music, answer phone calls, and even get directions.

Powered by smart sensors and innovative wearable technology Levi Strauss Jacquard jacket is designed with the urban commuters in mind.

The jacket allows the wearer to stay connected to the digital world. Without the need to reach into the pocket for their smartphones, the wearers can call for advanced functionalities with a simple touch on the jacket’s sleeve.

Top 5 Fashion Tech Outdoor Clothing - Levi's Commuter X Jacquard By Google for men

Jacquard technology is woven into the very fabric of this cool outdoor clothing garment, allowing the wearers to get connected to their digital universe in an instant.

By adding the extra layer of functionality to the jacket, Jacquard helps commuters to stay focused on their surrounding world and loved ones, rather than on the screens of their smartphones. Moreover, the jacket allows them to handle phone calls, texts, or skip through their favourite music, without having to use the smartphone.

However, it doesn’t go without saying that the Jacquard jacket comes with some serious limitations. For example, the jacket can be washed only for about ten times before it loses its connectivity feature so make sure you keep it as clean as you can.

3. Outdoor Clothing – Columbia’s OutDry Ex Eco Shell

Columbia Sportswear has launched a new tech-infused outdoor clothing garment, designed with the help of some groundbreaking manufacturing techniques. Columbia Sportswear did not use any dyes in the production of the jacket and the main material used is an extract made of recycled plastic bottles.

Moreover, the company has avoided the use of toxic chemicals in the production of the jacket, chemicals which are often used in the apparel industry.

Top 5 Fashion Tech Outdoor Clothing - Columbia’s OutDry Ex Eco Shell for heavy weather

So, if you are looking for a tech embedded and sustainable outdoor jacket, with all the features of the highest quality sportswear, Columbia’s OutDry Ex Eco Shell is the perfect jacket for you.

Top 5 Fashion Tech Outdoor Clothing - Columbia’s OutDry Ex Eco Shell in nature

All the components of this outdoor clothing jacket, including its thread, cord eyelets, and zipper pulls, are made of recycled materials, making it waterproof and seam sealed, while still remaining very breathable.

And if these functional attributes did not convince you, do not forget that each purchased jacket repurposes more than twenty plastic bottles and gives them a new life in the form of a polyester shell.

4. Outdoor Clothing – Moon Parka By The North Face

Selling only in Japan, Moon parka is a 1,000 USD gold-coloured jacket designed by North Face. With the same design as the typical TheNorthFace parkas, this jacket comes with one big innovation.

Instead of using nylon, waxed cotton or twill, the Moon parka outdoor clothing jacket is made from synthetic spider silk, produced by Spiber.

Top 5 Fashion Tech Outdoor Clothing - Moon Parka By North Face made from spider silk

The outer material bears the ‘Golden Orb’ colour of the spider web, which gives the jacket a very characteristic glow.

Launched at selected NorthFace stores in Japan, this Moon parka jacket signals the adoption of biology in material design and biomimicry as a new trend in outdoor clothing.

Top 5 Fashion Tech Outdoor Clothing - Moon Parka By North Face signals the future of extreme condition outdoor clothing

The adoption of spider silk in the apparel industry in general, and the outdoor clothing segment in particular, has gained a lot of traction thanks to Bolt Thread company and its innovative projects, which are showcasing the vast potential the biotech-infused textiles have for the future of the fashion apparel industry.

5. Outdoor Clothing – TwentyFour15 Optic Bomber

Designed for the ‘digital generation’, also known as Generation Z, this app-connected TwentyFour15 Optic Bomber sweater can change colour according to the music you are playing on your smartphone.

Top 5 Fashion Tech Outdoor Clothing - TwentyFour15 Optic Bomber for the digital generation known as Generation Z

In a joint effort by XO, a well-known wearable technology agency, and TwentyFour15, a branding startup, the Optic Bomber outdoor clothing jacket gives wearable technology a new form, beyond its classic usage in fitness wearables.

The app for the Optic Bomber jacket is under constant improvement as the brand insists that it is critical for modern fashion garments to have the ability to become ‘platforms’ of expressing emotions and moods, through music and colours.

Top 5 Fashion Tech Outdoor Clothing - TwentyFour15 Optic Bomber to express emotions through music and colours

The next version of the app will enable users to merge their digital and physical realms, over time. So, if you expect the things you wear to be connected to the things and people you love, the Optic Bomber outdoor clothing jacket is the ‘answer’ you can buy right now.

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We are in love with innovative fashion garments, made from alternative materials, that allow us to express who we are. What about you? Would you buy these tech-infused outdoor clothing items? We would love to know your opinions in the comments box below.

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