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New Balance Smartwatch Powered By Intel To Be Released This Year


New Balance Smartwatch Powered By Intel To Be Released This Year.
New Balance is a shoe company that puts emphasis on the new tech trends. Even though the New Balance has over a century of heritage, the company does not shy away from development in tech and innovation.
At CES 2016, New Balance announced their “Digital” division” team. The role of this “division” is to create smart devices that improve the workout of athletes.
The first product of the New Balance Digital Division is going to be an Android Wear-based smartwatch. This device will allow runners to listen to their music without the need of a smartphone. At the same time, it can track running routes, via GPS.

Moreover, it gets better. The New Balance promises the upcoming smartwatch has all the features you’ll want in a smart tracker. An accelerometer, a heart rate sensor, a barometer, a skin temperature sensor, and so on.
new balance smartwatch running club
More than that, the New Balance smartwatch is aiming to create a complete ecosystem, by helping athletes to get feedback and improve their workouts.

“Designed for runners by runners, the New Balance smartwatch can track athletes routes via GPS but also allows them to listen to their favourite music tracks. All possible without the need of smartphones. Said the New Balance CEO, Rob DeMartini.

The New Balance works with Strava’s tech to create a new platform called the “New Balance Run Club.” The program is going to provide training schedules and detailed performance tracking. The platform will also let users connect with other runners if needed. Analyse, compare and compete.

New Balance Smartwatch Will Run Android Wear

new balance smartwatch
The New Balance smartwatch runs on Intel’s hardware. It is the same Atom CPU Z34XX available on the new TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch. Software wise, the new watch will be powered by Android Wear, and is going to work with other smart devices such as intelligent sensors, integrated into New Balance footwear and smart clothing. However, that is a different story.
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We are looking forward to seeing what the Boston-based company is going to bring to the table, by the end of this year. So far, no sport-centric company smartwatch has made a great impression to convince the running community to buy their product. However, New Balance is confident that this will change soon.
What do you think about the New Balance smartwatch and its ecosystem of wearables? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, bookmark this page for further updates.