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Microsoft Band 2 Update – Better VO2 Max, Music Controls And Movement Mode


Microsoft Band 2 Update Brings Music Control And Movement Mode.
Microsoft has announced today a series of new features for the Microsoft Band 2. The update brings a new music control feature, a movement reminder, and an improved “Exercise Tile.”

Microsoft Band 2 Update – Music Controls

microsoft band 2 new music controls
With the new music control, you can put your phone aside. Works great if you are at the gym. You can play, pause, turn the volume up and down and skip songs, just with your Band 2.
You can use the new music controls with any music app. Spotify, Google Play Music or iTunes. However, you have to turn on the Bluetooth for the command to take place. A helpful feature that we missed during our time with the Microsoft Band 2.

Microsoft Band 2 Update – Movement Reminder

microsoft band 2 activity reminder wt vox
Moreover, it is not only the “music player” that is new. With the new update, the Microsoft Band 2 can remind you to “make a move.” It works great if you are busy at the office and forget to move, have a walk, drink some water. Alternatively, even use Tinder for a bit.
“Make a move” is not a unique feature. The Apple Watch and the Fitbit Charge HR already have this function on, but it is nice to see it on the Band 2.

Guess how it works. No, it does not check your Tinder messages. It works like this. You chose the time intervals and the days when you want to get the alerts. It is that easy.
The same rule applies to phone notifications. Set up a period when you do not want to receive them. When driving, when sleeping or at the uni.

Microsoft Band 2 Update – Improved Exercise Tile

Let’s recap. You have a new music player. You have the “stand up” feature. Did Microsoft add anything new for the fitness gurus? Oh yes. The new update brings an improved “Exercise Tile.” You can now track the duration of your exercises, the burnt calories and heart rate in a better way.
Your reports are now arranged by exercise type and can you can access them via the Health App on your phone. This change gives you a better view of your overall performance.
To find out more about the Microsoft Band 2, head to our Microsoft Band 2 Review.
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  1. I’m not necessarily for adding more notifications to the user, but it’s nice to see they aren’t leaving out now standard features.