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This Is Why Kate Moss And PINK Love Maison Atia’s Vegan Fur Coat


Guess what’s the reason behind Kate Moss’s and PINK’s expressed love for Maison Atia’s vegan fur coat. Maison Atia is a New York-based luxury fashion brand that combines the love for animals and exclusive Frech craftsmanship.

A creation of Gustave Maisonrouge and Chloe Mendel – the daughter of Gilles Mendel and a huge animal lover – Maison Atia is a fashion label that became popular amongst celebrities for making superb ‘vegan fur’ coats.

Maison Atia vegan fur coat

Born from a desire to protect animals and an unceasing passion for fashion, this brand has become a synonym to cruelty-free haute-couture and luxurious ethical accessories.

The label is loved by many Hollywood big names including Kate Moss and PINK. The stars love Maison Atia for its traditional and authentic look. To Kate and PINK, Atia’s luxurious coats are a resemblance of the classic 70s, that both stars adore.

However, with one huge difference, Atia’s haute-couture is made without harming any animals.

For the NY fashion week, Kate Moss went for the Catherine Noir Raye black fur coat by Maison Atia, while PINK wore the Electric Rouge red coat for the gala of pre-Grammy.

Atia’s cruelty-free fur coats have own name and identification labelled inside them, to give the customers a clear idea about the origin of the materials the brand uses in these unique products.

As most of Atia’s furs are made from Modacrylic, there are some critics pointing at the fashion label, asking if it could start using more natural alternatives to petrochemical materials, after shifting from animal products.

According to these critics, the vegan fur used by many brands is not biodegradable which makes it more damaging for the environment, even in comparison to animal products.

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In reply, a Maison Atia spokesman insisted that the brand has sustainability at its heart. The label employs eco-friendly alternative materials and circular methods like the use of recycled fabrics to participate in the global sustainable fashion movement.

Maison Atia sustainable vegan coats

Another fact that celebrities love about this cruelty-free label is its constant support for ‘slow fashion’. With the use of carefully selected materials of high quality, the brand has successfully increased the life cycled of its garments. The aim is to help to reduce the waste of our fashion consumption.

And finally, we all love our pets and celebrities are no exception to that. That’s why, Maison Atia has launched a successful partnership with Paws Chicago, a non-profit organisation fighting to save the lives of dogs, so with each coat, these stars are buying, they’re saving the life of a puppy!

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