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Jawbone UP2 Review – When Software Matters


Jawbone UP2 Review – When Software Matters. Welcome to Jawbone UP2 review after a month of testing. There are so many fitness trackers on sale at the moment that, finding the one for you is increasingly difficult. Let us make it easy for you. The ideal fitness tracker not only counts your steps and the calories you’ve consumed all day but, it also gives you insights into your daily habits and, help you keep an active and healthy lifestyle.

Time to see if Jawbone UP2 is that kind of “ideal” fitness tracker. The Jawbone UP2 is similar to the Jawbone UP3, only that the UP2 has no HR sensor, thus is not able to measure your heart rate. The good part of the missing HR? The Jawbone UP2 costs less than the UP3.

The new generation of Jawbone fitness trackers has its own Smart Coach. It is a feature in the Jawbone app that cheers your achievements and points out your pitfalls. A feature that can stop you from developing any potential bad habits before you realise.

Jawbone UP2 – Design And Specs

Jawbone UP2 design and specs
The Jawbone UP2 is available in two colours. Black and light grey. The bracelet has an aluminium case that houses a Bluetooth module, a tri-axis accelerometer and three LEDs: blue, orange and white.
After thousands of steps, running and dancing, we can say that the UP2 is quite accurate. Also, you’ll like to know that the Jawbone UP2 is smart enough not to record your car rides.
The Jawbone UP2 band is made from “hypoallergenic TPU rubber” and feels nice on your skin. But, if you sweat – and you will when you go running – the bracelet will start to slide off your wrist so be careful not to lose it.jawbone-up2-review-wt-vox-design-and-specs2
If the overall design of the bracelet is good, the clasp that locks the bracelet is a nightmare. It is hard to use and not reliable. The clasp has two parts and, the adjustable part won’t move unless you forcefully bend the metal. It means that quick adjustments are not possible.
The other part, that fastens onto the adjustable portion of the bracelet it looks like a “hook.” The problem is that it inserts at an odd angle thus preventing a reliable lock.
On the good side, the charging part is quite smart. The cable has a regular USB connection on one end and, a magnetic point on the other end. The magnet helps the two stick together and, charge without any problems.
Overall, the Jawbone UP2 has a good built quality. Trust us when we say it is durable and splash proof. We test it in the worst conditions you can imagine.
It is true, the metal plate will pick up scratches, but it is hard to see them on the top side, thanks to the textured finish. We did not take the Jawbone UP2 swimming, but it survived our cross country adventures and, the after showers without any problems.
Jawbone UP2 is a light fitness tracker, that weights only 25 gr. We love that because the idea was to wear it day and night. If you’re like us, just make sure you clean from time to time. If you want to keep your friends.
The Jawbone UP2 measurements are 220mm x 11.5mm x 3.0-8.5mm. Jawbone does say that some wrist sizes will be too big or too small but, it claims that the bracelet will fit all wrists ranging from 140mm to 190mm in diameter. It must be true as I had no problems with mine and, I know what I am talking about. I have the wrists of a 10 years old girl.

Jawbone UP2 – Performance And Features


In the pic, you see the adjustable part that won’t move unless you forcefully bend the metal.

The UP2 does not have physical buttons or a screen. If you want to access your data you have to use the Jawbone UP on your smartphone rather than through a variety of taps or buttons on the tracker.
Reading the LEDs on the UP2 is rather straightforward. Blue LED means sleep; the orange light shows your active and white colour means you have notifications. The UP2 also lets you change the mode of the bracelet with a tap on the metallic case. You can set to “active” mode when you’re awake and switch it to “sleep” mode when you’re about to go to sleep.
I mentioned above, the white LED for notifications. Let me explain. We imagined the white light would come on when you’ve received a message or an email, but that’s not true. It only lights up when the Jawbone UP app sends fitness notifications to the bracelet. Like achievements, if that makes sense.

Jawbone UP2 Activity Tracker

The UP2 does not have GPS capability. Instead, it uses the accelerometer to work as a pedometer, measuring your activity based on weight and height data you give it.
Not the best option as it will never be as accurate as an onboard GPS. If you are training for a marathon, the UP2 is not the device for you.
The “Smart Coach” in the Jawbone app prompts you, praising you for a job well done or telling you off for missing a task.
The app is by far the best fitness app on the whole market. Just tell the app what you eat, and it will calculate how many calories you have left to use or consume.

Jawbone UP2 Sleep Tracking And Alarm

The sleep monitoring in UP2 works well although not as accurate as with the Jawbone UP3. That is because the UP3 band includes a heart rate monitor to determine when you’re asleep.
Instead, the UP2 is using motion data to figure out when you are in light sleep vs. sound sleep. Also, the UP2 has a feature called automatic sleep tracking. This feature lets the device turns on and off on its own depending on the day time.

Jawbone UP2 – Battery Life And Price

Jawbone UP2 - Battery Life And Price
When it comes to battery life, the UP2 offers 14 days from its lithium-polymer cell. It takes only an hour to get back to full charge.

Jawbone UP2 – Conclusion And Verdict

Jawbone UP2 - Conclusion And Verdict
The UP2 is not a professional runner tracker. Still, the UP2 is comfortable to wear, well built and, well-priced device. Yes, there are cheaper alternatives out there.
The Xiaomi Mi Band and the new Mi Band 1S with heart rate sensor, both at a fraction of the Jawbone UP2. But, the real value of this “pedometer” lies in the Jawbone app and the ecosystem behind it. For the app alone I’d pay double the asking price.
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