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Iris Van Herpen Spring 2019 Couture Collection ‘Shift Souls’


Iris Van Herpen Spring 2019 Collection – Before being anything else, fashion designer, innovator, trendsetter, Iris Van Herpen is an insatiable researcher. Iris research revolves at the intersection of technology with design, science, art, and history, and futurism as it will become evident in the minutes that follow.

Not many of you know that Iris has a keen interest and extensive knowledge in humanoids, cyborgs, the formation of our universe, and even religious myths. But that is finally reflected in her 2019 collection, ‘Shift Souls’.

In her 2019 collection, Iris has explored the possibility of creating human-animal hybrids – given the latest advances in DNA engineering, and celestial cartography.

Such inspiring subjects are beautifully expressed in her breathtaking choices for materials and designs; diaphanous silhouettes, crystalline structures, exoskeletons, holographic appearances, Iris Van Herpen Spring 2019 Collection seems like coming from another world.

Moreover, Van Herpen’s visionary couture creations combine futuristic elements from wearable technology and 3d printing with soft patterning, computer designs, and hand-plissĂ© volumes. It seems like a divine reinterpretation of femininity, completed by a show of art, music, waves of laser projections and swirling liquid clouds.

We absolutely love Van Herpen’s latest collection and we hope you do as well. If that’s the case, just make sure you click the gallery button to enjoy the Dutch designer’s latest collection and then, let us have your comments below.

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