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IOFIT Smart Balance – Get Help From Professional Athletes


IOFIT Smart Balance – Get Help From Professional Athletes. I always said that it is just a matter of time before someone would get serious about smart shoes and infuse them with some good wearable tech. If I am honest, I was expecting Nike to be the one, given their experience with Nike Fuel bracelet. Guess what? It wasn’t Nike, but Samsung. As part of its “Innovation Programs”, Samsung is going to launch a new pair of smart shoes. The kicks are called the IOFIT Smart Balance, and we saw them for the first time at MWC 2016.

Behind this idea is a start-up called Salted Venture, but the shoes are “born” in Samsung’s C-Lab as Samsung’s first choice for their potential. Read more for out take on the new shoes from Samsung.

IOFIT Smart Balance – Design And Features

Created by fans of golf and CrossFit, the IOFIT Smart Balance shoes focus on these disciplines, with the help of pressure sensors. These sensors can measure how you shift your weight, how hard you are hitting the ground, “keep an eye” on your center of gravity and your overall balance.

“These are important factors that help you optimise your fitness performance, in golf in particular.” an IOFIT representative told us at MWC.

Once your data starts flowing, the IOFIT Smart Balance shoes send the information to your smartphone via a dedicated app. The app displays the data with charts and even heat maps of the weight distribution in each shoe. More than that, the shoes can give you solutions to the actual problem, not just data like normal wearables.
iofit smart balance shoes
The IOFIT Smart Balance shoes are made to focus on the coaching possibilities and not just the tracking or the data metrics. The app also allows you to video record your workout and later on, compare your footage to a collection of exercises performed by world-known athletes. This way, you can see how they look, and how their stance or posture is affecting their fitness and their swing.
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Another interesting feature of the app is the coaching and analysis software. With this tool, your coach or advisor, can draw schematics on your video and leave voice-over feedback. It does not have to be just golf, and you can see the potential now. Your pro coach can help you no matter their or your location in the world.

IOFIT Smart Balance – Battery Life And Price

Each pair of the IOFIT Smart Balance shoes comes with a pre-charged battery that lasts five to seven days. Once drained out, you can recharge your shoes with a wireless charger. No more wires, no more mess, you do not have to plug them in.
As we found out last week at MWC, IOFIT is going to start as a Kickstarter campaign later this year. The retail price for the running shoes is going to be $199, and $249 for the golf pairs. However, some inside sources promised that the shoe price is going to be cheaper on Kickstarter, that is if you are willing to wait.
Let us know your thoughts on the tech if you’d buy them and most important, what sport would you want them for? Boxing, Javelin or… just let us know.

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