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How To Dress Best In 2019 – Top 5 UK Fashion Tech Startups Styling Tips


How to dress best in 2019? Easy! Just follow the top 5 UK fashion tech startups and their latest styling tips. United Kingdom’s startup market is highly scouted by giant companies, especially the type of finance startups, thanks to the country’s leading position in the banking world. However, tech banking and financial tech are not the only types of startups which flourish in the UK.

The country also hosts several startups catering to the fashion sector. Some of the most innovative startups here are creating and providing personalised stylists services online or, let fashion shoppers try on garments virtually, before buying.

WTVOX has approached the top 5 UK fashion tech startups and asked them what does data (computers algorithms) say about ‘how to dress best’ in the 21st century.

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Here are the top 5 UK fashion tech startups, and what we’ve learned from them when it comes to dressing the best you can:

1. How To Dress Best With Thread

How to dress best by Thread

Thread’ is a fashion tech startup established in 2012 with the goal of assisting men to dress better by mixing personal online stylist along with AI and big data insights.

You begin by informing the platform some of your preferences in fashion and how much you are likely to spend on clothes.

It also includes the size of the clothes you wear and some of your favoured brands and outfits you want. The personal stylist knows about users and recommends clothing which they think would fit them.

2. Holition ‘FACE’ App

Holition face app - uk fashion tech startups

Holition is a fashion startup company which is embracing innovative technology to help retailers and brands adopt 3D technology and augmented reality. But, Holition’s latest product is what makes them very interesting.

Their app, ‘Face’ enables cosmetic brands to present how their products look on consumers without using any product.

3. Intelistyle AI Stylist

Intelistyle AI personal stylist

Intelistyle is a UK fashion startup that has launched an innovative app in 2017. The app enables users to browse outfits on online stores and sync them with their own images.

The brand’s artificial intelligence further recommends the best outfits for the given idea, matching online garments (from participating retailers), with the users’ physical wardrobe.

4. Snap Tech Fashion Tech Startup

Find your best fashion style with Snap Tech

Snap Tech fashion tech startup has started as Snap Fashion, a shopping platform which allowed users to find new garments mostly via their shape and colour.

However, the UK based fashion tech startup firm is now expanding to a comprehensive visual search by providing dedicated tools which retailers and fashion magazine publishers could add to their own websites.

5. Pocket High Street Platform

Pocket High Street - UK fashion tech startups

Pocket High Street was created to help small fashion retailers to compete with giant e-commerce platforms. The concept advances a quality online platform for every shopper, which allows them to explore small retailers.

Based in London, this fashion tech startup offers an open platform that connects globally, so small stores could reach a wider audience.

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