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Haier Watch – A Stylish Smartwatch Running Full Android 6.0


Haier Watch – A Stylish Smartwatch Running Full Android 6.0.
Haier is a Chinese company that makes large electrical goods like fridges or washing machines. In fact, Haier is the nr.1 worldwide maker of home appliances. For the 6th consecutive year. So yes, these guys are big when it comes to fridges.
However, the Chinese company is still unknown when it comes to watches. Until now. At MWC 2016 in Barcelona, Haier had a surprise announcement. Not another fridge as you would expect, but a smartwatch. The Haier Watch.
The watch is not powered by the Android Wear but runs on a custom version of the Android Marshmallow OS. Here are all the details we have about the new Haier Watch.

Haier Watch – Design And Features

haier watch design and specs
Let’s start with the design first, as there is a bit of a controversy here. The Haier Watch looks just like the Huawei Watch. In almost every way. Even the same straps found on the Huawei watch are the same. I mean the black leather strap and the mesh metal one.
It is not fair to call it a copy of the Huawei watch as the Haier Watch is a premium watch that feels great on your wrist. It does look a little bit chunky, but so are all the smartwatches at the moment.

Using 316L stainless steel on its 42mm casing, the Haier Watch features a circular 1.4-inch display and a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. There is no flat tyre at the bottom of the screen, unlike the Moto 360 smartwatch, and we love that.
haier watch in gold back
The watch comes in three color options. Gold, silver and black. As it is the case with the Huawei Watch, you can choose from a large variety of straps to suit your outfits.
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Another notable characteristic is the presence of a microphone which allows you to take and make calls.
The Haier Watch can track all of your activities and then display them on request. The steps you’ve taken, the calories burned, distance travelled, etc. More than that, the watch features an HR sensor for complex activities and accurate tracking.
Other nice features that we’ve noticed during our short time with the watch are the “find my phone” function and the “stopwatch.” The “stopwatch” is not a new feature but still, a great one for the pro athletes in the house.

Haier Watch – Availability And Price

haier watch back silver
To date, there is no official news on the battery life. However, there are rumours that the battery last 24h. Moreover, that is with all the functions turned on.
The Haier Watch is going to hit the shelves this April in the U.S. and in May in the U.K. The watch is going to be available for £199 ($220).
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  1. Would love to see a side-by-side comparison between the Haier and the Huawei