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Five Gender Fluid Fashion Labels You’d Love To Wear


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Gender fluid fashion designer labels you’d love to wear.

I find it amazing that, while fashion is the highest form of creativity and self-expression, the industry is still lacking freedom or imagination when it comes to genders.

Rather strict and old-fashioned, most fashion labels still characterise their creations as made for two genders, male and female.

However, as the younger generation has a more open view of the gender construct, supported by fast-growing gender fluid parenting movements, more fashion brands are delving into the world of gender fluid fashion.

Yes, there’s still a long journey before we achieve full equality, diversity, and inclusiveness of all humans in fashion, no matter how they identify, but we are moving in the direction.

But, if you feel that being defined by your gender is a thing of the past, I am sure you’ll love our selection of 5 gender fluid fashion labels we’ve put together for you.

Superb gender fluid fashion creations, for everyone and anyone.

1. Toogood Gender Fluid Clothing

Toogood Gender Fluid fashion

A creation of sisters Erica and Faye Toogood, this is label is the soul of beautifully conscious gender fluid fashion apparel.

Inspired by functional apparel and workwear uniforms, Toogood’s creations are artistically instilled and infused with personal stories of various flavours.

Entirely designed and made in Britain, Toogood Denim collections are made from upcycled denim materials.

Put together by experts in a London-based atelier, with an ethos on sustainability and leaving conformity and convention behind, the brand embraces individuality, peace and love for others.

2. Agender Fashion Collections

Agender Gender Fluid fashion

With unique pieces of powerful vibes that blend stereotypes of masculine and feminine traits, Agender fashion creations are flawless.

Inspired by collages of art, Agender superb pieces of fluid fashion, are perfectly designed for a typical day at the office, or to mix and match for the upcoming cold and windy winter.


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⠀⠀ #agender 2019 SS Collection Vol.1 – #top Flat line color shirt -⠀

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Agender bespoke word of expert craftsmanship is oozing from the brand’s flattering and elusive silhouettes, ready for you, anywhere, anytime.

3. Telfar Gender Fluid Accessories

Telfar Gender Fluid fashion

Telfar was born in New York in 2005, under the motto ‘not for you, for everyone’.

With international recognition, Telfar’s latest 2019 collection was a success at New York Fashion Week.

While the brand’s rare collections still include some leather belts and hats, the brand is shifting direction towards cruelty-free fast.


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Frrrrrrrrrrrrench! @lottavolkova

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The brand’s latest creations of cosy hoodies and vegan leather shopping bags are pointing to the conscious direction the designer is taking.

4. Bethnals Gender Fluid Denim

Bethnals Gender Fluid Denim

Experts at bespoke gender fluid fashion denim creations that completely redefine the idea of gender, Bethnals fashion is a London-based design studio.


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Same Alex shirt. Different view. Unisex works! #unisexdenim #bethnalsarchive #buttonupshirt

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Inspired by the incredibly diverse cultural centre that is the beautiful city of London, Bethnals brings to the scene of gender fluid fashion a relaxed look that adds a contemporary spin to the classic jean staple.

5. Rad Hourani Designer Fashion

Rad Hourani Gender Fluid fashion

Rad Hourani is a fashion designer, activist, and film director with attentive work that celebrates neutrality as a defining human trait through gender fluid fashion creations.

The designer advocates non-conformity as the essence of individuality and sees modernity as an odyssey free of nations, gender, age, race, limits and conditioning.

Hourani’s work is influenced by media, painting, sculpture, photography, sound and video and seek to expose the foundations of our social, religious, economic, sexual and geopolitical systems, proposing neutrality as a new universal vision.


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#UNISEX @brendanfernandes #PERFORMANCES @noguchimuseum From September 11, 2019 – March 8, 2020, The Noguchi Museum’s current collection installation Noguchi: Body-Space Devices will be transformed as the setting for Brendan Fernandes: Contract and Release, and activated regularly by performances. Contract and Release is the second iteration in Brendan Fernandes’s developing series of autobiographical examinations of the movement vocabularies intrinsic to his work. Taking its title from the Martha Graham technique, Contract and Release explores the ways in which often gruelling techniques are fetishized and features six “training devices” inspired by Isamu Noguchi’s Rocking Chair for Graham’s Appalachian Spring (1944). The installation was developed with architecture and design collaborative Norman Kelley; unisex costumes by Rad Hourani. #CONTEMPORARYART #EXHIBITION #BRENDANFERNANDES #NOGUCHI #MUSEUM #RADHOURANI #COLLABORATION #BALLET #MARTHAGRAHAM #PHOTO @nicholasknightstudio #DANCERS @tiff__em @victick @oisinmonaghan

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His gender fluid fashion creations include nonconformists’ blends of shirts jersey turtlenecks, alongside art prints. An absolute must-see!

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