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Gear Fit vs Gear Fit 2 – Which Gear Fit Should You Buy?


Gear Fit vs Gear Fit 2 – Which Gear Fit Should You Buy?
Last week was a busy one for the wearable tech team at Samsung. The company launched two new wearable gadgets, both targeted at the fitness fanatics. One of them is the Samsung Gear IconX and the other one is the new Samsung Gear Fit 2, covered by us here. Off course, the Gear Fit 2 looks better than its predecessor – released two years ago. However, is it worth the upgrade? Let’s list the main differences between the Gear Fit 2 and Gear Fit, look at the pros and the cons and finally, reach a conclusion.

Gear Fit vs Gear Fit 2 – Design And Specs

The top difference between the two Gear Fits resides in the processing department. In addition, the Gear Fit 2 has a GPS sensor, a vital feature for those looking to track their runs without carrying a smartphone.
The overall specs of the new Gear Fit 2 are impressive, rivalling most Android Wear smartwatches on the market. The bracelet boasts 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM and a dual-core processor clocked at 1GHz. In contrast, the original Gear Fit specs were too basic for a modern fitness tracker; just 8MB of RAM, 16MB of storage, and a single-core 180MHz processor.
gear fit vs gear fit 2 design changes
The powerful specs on the Gear Fit 2 are needed to run Tizen, Samsung’s “homegrown” operating system for wearables. The first Gear Fit, on the other hand, ran a generic “Real Time Operating System” that Samsung didn’t even bother to brand.

Moving on to the screen, we see that the Gear Fit 2 is smaller but slightly wider. The chosen form factor makes the bracelet feel much more ergonomic. Moreover, thanks to the screen being now more curved, the device feels nicer on the wrist as well. Design aside and specs in, the AMOLED display features a better resolution, at 216 x 432 pixel, where the previous Gear Fit having a lower-resolution of just 432 x 128 pixels.
Another notable improvement between the two trackers is the water-resistance rating. Samsung has managed to upgrade its protection from the IP67 on the old Gear Fit to the IP68 on the Gear Fit 2. Swimmers rejoice.

Gear Fit vs Gear Fit 2 – Features And Battery Life

Samsung Gear Fit 2 S Health App

Samsung Gear Fit 2 S Health App, running on a Samsung S7 Edge.

Another worth mentioning feature of the Gear Fit 2, is its capability of acting as a standalone music player, thanks to its large storage of 4GB. Pair this smart feature with the new GPS and you can leave your phone at home. Still, you’ll need a suitable pair of earbuds; Samsung Gear IconX anyone?
Another interesting feature is the dedicated Spotify app for controlling music from your phone. Unlike the Pebble Core, though, you won’t be able to download and sync playlists for offline listening, which is a shame.
Moving to the battery life department, this is where the Gear Fit 2 is inferior to its predecessor. The first Gear Fit had a 210 mAh and the Gear Fit 2 drops that to a 200 mAh version. However, you should still get three to four days on normal usage, and up to five days in standby mode.
Another improvement of the Gear Fit 2 is the compatibility to sync with all Android devices running KitKat or higher, rather than being restricted to Samsung’s phones line.

Gear Fit vs Gear Fit 2 – Verdict

samsung gear fit 2 colours
The Gear Fit looked quite ok but it felt like a beta product. In comparison, the Gear Fit 2 is right up at the top, competing against top wearable devices such as the fantastic Garmin Vivosmart HR+ and the Microsoft Band 2.
The new Gear Fit 2 is a solid fitness tracker and considering its price, the GPS addition and the improved fitness software the choice is easy. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for our review of the Gear Fit 2 at the end of the month. Thanks for reading.

Gear Fit vs Gear Fit 2 – Full Specs

gear fit vs gear fit 2 specs
Gear Fit on Amazon    Gear Fit 2 on Amazon

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