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Five Ethical Clothing Labels That’ll Give You A Super Conscious Look


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Five ethical clothing labels that’ll give you a super conscious look. The landscape of fashion continues to change as media stories uncovering major fashion houses running factories in developing countries with underpaid and mistreated workers continue to emerge.

Such coverage keeps mounting the growing pressure on both clothing brands and consumers. It pushes us to have a more conscious approach when it comes to fashion making and fashion choosing, or both at the same time.

More fashion consumers are calling for greater transparency. More buyers ask for a change in the way their garments are made, from the people putting them together to the materials of choice.

Ethical Fashion Style

If you’re an ethical fashionista who’s keen on melding style and social justice, there are a good number of ethical clothing labels you’ll like to try out.

Here we go, with our top five of most ethical clothing labels. We’ve also added some notes about them, to make your selection an easier task.

1. Ethical Clothing Labels – Pact

Pact creates fashion apparel for women, men, children and babies, covering a significant portion of the ethical shopping market.

The brand’s offerings range from hoodies and sweatshirts to socks and sleepwear, all made from organic cotton grown without fertilisers.

Moreover, all products are made in factories with fair working conditions, by workers who are paid well for what they do.

Noteworthy items from Pact include super-soft wrap dresses. Super breathable and comfortable to wear, these dresses are made from organic cotton, which uses very little water to produce.

So if you’re looking for an ethical clothing label for the entire family, this is the one for you.

2. Ethical Clothing Labels – Everlane

Everlane is an ethical clothing label known for spending months seeking out the most ethically sound factories to make its clothes. Once found, the label forms ties with them and makes sure they adhere to the most stringent welfare and environmental standards.

Denim and corduroys are among Everlane’s most fashionable wears. But, there’s more plenty from this fantastic label. Tees made of organic cotton, shirts spun from 100% ethical silk, and jackets from recycled polyester.

And if you like your denim ethically made, Everlane might have some of the best skinny cuts, ideal for all leg sizes.

3. Ethical Clothing Labels – Fair Indigo


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Fair Indigo is dislodging fast fashion, one pyjama and sweater at a time. The brand’s organic cardigans are extra soft and neatly designed, dyed in earth-friendly solutions, and can be hand washed.

Fair Indigo dresses and sweaters are also excellent choices if you’re looking for ethically made sustainable products.

And finally, you’ll want to inspect their collection of Tshirts. Their simple long sleeve V-neck shirt and their sweatshirt tunic with reassuring pouch pockets are by far the favourites of ethical fashion lovers from all over the world.

4. Ethical Clothing Labels – Eileen Fisher

New York-based Eileen Fisher spins all of its amazing garments from full organic cotton and ethically produced linen. So much so, that each creation is a feast of sublime textures, found in the brand’s broad range tops, tunics, and pieces of denim.

If you’re still not convinced that Eileen Fisher is the best ethical clothing label for you, give it a try. You’ll be amazed to find a substantial tangible difference between this brand, and any others you have at home.

The feel of its velvet A-line skirt, made of viscose silk, and its high collar jacket made of pure cotton are out of this world. The coats, jackets, and vets at Eileen Fisher’s store all deserve a special mention, in the world of ethical fashion.

5. Ethical Clothing Labels – Cuyana

Cuyana is one of a few ethical clothing labels that have spread out their product lines all over the world. The brand uses only skilled craftsmen from the United States, South America, Europe, and the Far East.

Most of Cuyana’s products are made from ethical silk. Collar shirts with lace-detailed cuffs, wrap blouses suitable for work and informal outings, sweaters and cardigans from recycled cashmere, this is a brand to wear with pride.

Moreover, the brand’s ‘Lean Closet Initiative’ encourages and helps customers donate their used clothes, to be upcycled and help people in need.

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Final Words

Saying you didn’t know better ethical clothing labels than the ones you used right now is no longer an excuse. Being a conscious fashion buyer is easier than ever, and you can do it without losing your sense of style.

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