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5 Easy Ways You Can Support The Growth of Vegan Clothing


When learning how to walk, a baby uses pieces of furniture around the house to find balance. Reassuring hands of adults also help. Similarly, the vegan fashion segment is a baby learning to take her first steps in the world.

On the other hand, her elder brother – the vegan diet – while not an adult yet, knows how to walk and loves running around the yard. And just like a parent, you too can support vegan clothing, in your small way.

1. Attend Vegan Fashion Events

Vegan Fashion Week

You live in metropolitan cities such as London, Paris, Los Angeles? Or anywhere else in the world where a vegan clothing event is going down? Do attend!

Your presence alone would reinforce the need for events covering the world of vegan fashion. At these events, you will get to learn a lot, about leading vegan designers, and the latest developments in the landscape.

The inaugural ‘Vegan Fashion Week‘ that was held in Los Angeles in early 2019, was a significant victory in the history of vegan apparel. Amazing designs by Ran Enda, Vegan Club, Matea Benedetti, Ecopel, and many more were showcased.

Growing in popularity, its second edition was held again in LA from 10 October to 15 October 2019. This time attendees learned about and participated in essential topics, such as sustainability in fashion, animal welfare, and the creation of vegan brands. 

2. Advocate for Vegan Clothing

Vegan clothing march

In the words of American journalist and writer, Germany Kent: “To say nothing is to say something”. So, when it comes to veganism, you must dismiss things that are against your beliefs.

In other words, vegan fashion needs a stronger voice. And as a conscious fashion influencer or a vegan diet practitioner, YOU should be the voice.

Remember, you also advocate for animal welfare when you express your support for vegan apparel. As a result, this indirectly combats the climate change. It’s like a positive domino effect!

In addition, another simple way is to sign petitions that call for a safer, cleaner, and cruelty-free world.

3. Support Vegan Designers and Material Innovators

Vegan fashion designers

Vegan apparel would not be where it is now without vegan designers and material innovators. It would still be just an ideal shelved in the minds of vegan enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, these conscious designers have persistently pushed for design and creation of vegan clothing lines, one piece at a time.

So, your support can be as simple as sharing the works of these designers. For instance, with your social media followers and friends. Make your timeline a statement of what you believe in!

Moreover, you can offer support by donating or investing in their creations. This can be done when emerging vegan designers initiate crowdfunding campaigns on websites, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

4. Educate People Around You

Educate people about sustainable apparel

Vegan fashion is still relatively new, even though the vegan diet has been popular for a while now. So, to support it, you can educate the people around you about the importance of cruelty-free and sustainable fashion choices.

Above all, remember that the best way to educate or influence others is through being an example. Wear what you preach and wear it with pride!

Lead by example and show them that the change does not cost more or require extra effort. Just a little bit of extra compassion and common sense, that’s all.

5. Choose Vegan Fashion

Choose sustainable alternatives

Last but not least, one of the most obvious ways to support the development of vegan apparel is by buying fashion clothing and accessories that are free from materials of animal origin.

Vegan fashion has come a long way and for almost every non-vegan creation, there is an equally vegan and eco-friendly alternative.

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Therefore, by choosing to support vegan clothing labels, you promote a more sustainable world. One, where animals are no longer exploited and killed in the interest of fashion.

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