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The Fashion Week Event At War With Fashion Week


By Jessica Palmer – The Fashion Week Event At War With Fashion Week. “I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.” Icon works spoken by Alexander McQueen. As a muse to female founder and CEO, Stephanie Benedetto, her company, Queen of Raw, embodies the mentality. Empowering the masses, targeting disadvantaged emerging designers, and providing access to the estimated $120 billion deadstock fabric industry otherwise untouchable without her revolutionary tech platform.

Deadstock is the fashion industry’s dirty little secret, but Queen of Raw likes to share. Unsold excess textile product sits in warehouses accumulating dust, having never left the grounds it was produced on.

Queen of Raw circulating luxury fabrics back to the market.

Lost profit to the manufacturer and resources hidden from the eyes of designers looking for it without knowing where to look – disadvantaging the two. QoR helps recapture the values of these luxury fabrics by circulating them back to the market.

The Queen demystifies the search for “raw” one-of-a-kind innovative material all in a single place: an easy to use e-commerce interface. Material is on-demand and ready for immediate shipment, with options for domestic retailers to expedite travel time while minimising their carbon footprint, thereby localising production.

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In a broken system, QoR is shining through the shadows of the fashion industry. Leading fabric to light and out of warehouse corners. She’s the virtual business handshake between manufacturer and designer that allows the two to do business with the click of a button.

Queen of Raw model with discarded fabrics of fashion industry

And in the recent illuminating light of near $40 million of Burberry stock burned to ash in the name of brand protection, Benedetto and her “raw mob” see no time more appropriate to fight fire with -figurative- fire. The raw war ignites.

On September 6, 2018, 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM EST we introduce the spoken event that’s at war with the very establishment it’s spoken within and we’re not being quiet about it. We’re shouting it. Raw, unapologetic, and shameless. Join the mob and #goraw.

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