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Fashion Smartwatch: 5 Of The Most Stylish Wearables To Buy In 2017


Fashion Smartwatch – The raw, unpolished wearables are gone, but fashion technology is here to stay. Gone are the bulky, plasticky bracelets and watches, replaced by fashionable accessories in all ranges, sizes, styles and finishes. Screens, no screens, leather, semi-precious stones, 18k gold, nothing is too much for this new batch of smart and fashionable wearable technology. Find below 5 of the most stylish smartwatches to buy in 2017.

1. Fashion Smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 2 – Ceramic

apple watch 2 ceramic version fashion smartwatch
Not much has changed with Apple Watch? Well, not much. There are some minor differences, and you would have to put the Series 1 and 2 side-by-side to notice them.
The second series is slightly thicker than the original Apple watch, maybe 1mm on the 42mm version and half of a millimetre on the 38mm, available in aluminium or stainless but the breaking news come in the form of super ceramic version and lots of new straps including designers leather, woven nylon and so on.

Still, the Apple Watch remains the most divisive watch on the market. For some, it is a revolting square wrist-computer, lacking any style. To others, the Apple watch is classy, sleek, opulent even. We too believe that the Apple 2 watch is a great-looking device, especially the new ceramic one.

Engineered to be as strong as it is beautiful, the brilliant white ceramic Apple Watch 2 is more than capable of making a statement at the first look. Sleek, light and extremely strong, ceramic is more than four times as hard as stainless steel — with a pearly, lustrous finish that won’t scratch or tarnish.

Also, the fitting for the bracelet is the same, so if you have any third party bands from the old series or intend to buy some nice ones on Amazon, rest assure they will fit just fine. Order the new ceramic watch from here and the latest bracelets from here.
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2. Fashion Smartwatch: Michael Kors Access

michael kors access fashion smartwatch
Michael Kors hits the smartwatch market with a super stylish line of luxury watches called MK Access that consists of two smartwatches: Bradshaw Access and Dylan Access, both with a designed based on the bestselling MK watches for women and men.

The new smartwatches from Michael Kors are designed for fashionistas, and come complete with Android watch faces designed by Michael Kors of course. The MK Access line also supports interchangeable straps made of metal, leather or silicone.

The starting price of £329 might sound expensive. However, apart from the eye-watering smartwatch from Tag Heuer, the Connected model, Bradshaw Access and Dylan Access are the best-looking smartwatches of 2016-2017 so far.

The smart MK Bradshaw Access is 44.5mm and slightly bigger than both the classic Bradshaw at 36mm and the classic oversized Bradshaw at 43mm.

Also, the Access Bradshaw smartwatch is available in eight colours including tort gold, pave gold at £379, turquoise/gold at £359 and silver, metallic brown and metallic blue, all at “only” £329.

Michael Kors Dylan Access, on the other hand, is 46mm made of a rubberish material, with a more pronounced bezel and 28mm lugs. It comes in three colours all around black, blue and silver and gold with black.

Both excellent smartwatches, Dylan is a must have for the sporty executives that also do some physical work sometimes while Bradshaw is a must for both sexes at the top of the trophic chain that only command and demand. You know what I mean.
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3. Fashion Smartwatch: Skagen Hagen Connected

skagen connected
Also owned by the Fossil Group, Skagen is a Danish company that has designed and brought to the market a stunning smartwatch.

Hagen Connected looks like a classic, analogue watch, but it is, in fact, a hybrid smartwatch. It follows the overall market trend of hiding the smart parts and downplay the planned obsolescence while still providing the much-needed functionalities of the modern, connected watches.

Fossil launched many smartwatches last year, but Hagen Connected is by far one of the best looking of all and the sub £200 price tag places the watch in a better value proposition than the likes of Withings Activité or Mondaine Helvetica No.1.
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4. Fashion Smartwatch: Fossil Q Wander / Marshal

fossil fashion smartwatch
Fossil has become more than a fashion brand in 2016. The watches and leather goods company has managed to fuse fashion with technology via its flurry of smart watches and smart analogue watches.

The Q wander in its rose gold casing and 22mm tan leather retains an air of femininity even though it might come across as too big or too bold. It is a feminine watch with a 45mm casing, on the large end for women’s watches.

The Q Marshal, on the other hand, with its black, textured edge, running around the face and matte black silicone strap is a very masculine watch.

The Fossil Q Marshal and Q Wander are available to buy online for $295, or $315. The price variation depends on your choice casing colours and straps. Still, the prices are relatively low for high-end smartwatches.
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5. Fashion Smartwatch: Samsung Gear S3

fashion smartwatch samsung gear s3
Succeeding the much acclaimed Gear S2, the new smartwatch from Samsung, the Gear S3 is a watch for the super tech, yet modern and fashionable generation.

This time Samsung has decided to come up with two designs for the Gear S3. A rugged model called “Frontier” for outdoors and the “Classic” model, aimed at the tech and luxe type of customers. Both models run on Samsung’s proprietary OS called Tizen.

Looks wise, with a hulking 46mm frame Gear S3 is undeniably a manly watch or at least a very big smartwatch and that is immediately going to stand out on your wrist.

Both models, Classic and Frontier, have elegant round design, making them look like regular watches, with swappable bands to match your day or evening outfits.

Moreover, like it or now, the Gear S3 smartwatch is well ahead of all Android Wear smartwatches. Its build quality is superb making the $350 price tag justified to say at least.
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