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Embrace Winter in Style With These Five Amazing Vegan Designer Handbags


Five amazing vegan designer handbags to embrace this winter in style! You might say that the fashion landscape is changing, especially now with the rising number of people adopting vegan lifestyles.

And you’d be right, as such a radical change in one’s lifestyle often ripples across multiple choices, and fashion is one of them. Veganism, as a movement, has had a profound influence not only on the food we eat but also on what we wear.

Instead of choosing traditional leather handbags, vegan fashion lovers seek what they describe as the ultimate luxury – vegan designer handbags. Identical to the traditional animal leather creations, vegan designer handbags are equally beautiful.

Moreover, as consumers have begun to demand cruelty-free and eco-friendly fashion products, vegan accessories are in vogue right now. Here are our top 5 vegan designer handbags that’s make this coming winter feel like a summer breeze:

1. Meghan Vegan Designer Handbag

Gunas Meghan vegan designer handbags

Meghan is one of the most beautiful vegan designer handbags in Gunas’ premium collection. Inspired by the life and work of Dr Jane Goodall from Gunas, Meghan handbag expresses not just quality but sophistication as well.

Meghan handbag is made from high-tech feather-light and non-toxic PVC-free eco-PU that feels just like leather but outlives its cruel counterpart in many ways.

This Peta-approved handbag comes with a price tag of £238.70, and some describe Meghan designer handbag as a must-have accessory for any conscious fashion connoisseur.

Gunas Meghan vegan designer handbags

The bag measures about 35.5cm × 35.5cm with a depth of 9.5cm, a perfect fit for an iPad Pro. It also comes with a long adjustable shoulder strap with a detachable pouch inside – which could serve as a small clutch or purse – and features the gold Gunas logo on the side.

3. Jordaan Messenger Bag

Osier Jordaan vegan designer handbag

A rare creation of Osier, the Jordaan vegan designer handbag is made of 100% vegan leather.

The handbag measures 27cm × 25cm with a depth of 12.5cm, making it perfect for casual weekends or busy days in the city thanks to its lined pockets and the sleek inserts that ensure your essentials are kept safe.

Osier Jordaan messenger bag

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With an embossed logo lettering for a signature touch, a boxy feature that stays true roots to Osier’s design-driven edge, and a price tag of £267, Osier’s Jordaan vegan designer handbag let you make a powerful statement.

2. Fiona Vegan Designer Handbags

JW PEI vegan designer handbags

This high-end designer bag brand debuted in 2016. By the time standard of measurement, the label is very new to the vegan market. However, don’t let that put you off as the JW PEI’s creations are designed to deliver the latest fashion trends.

JW PEI designer vegan handbags are a guarantee elegance and of quality and as the label works only with companies that have been certified by the Global Recycling Standards. JW PEI’s Fiona Bag – Red Croc priced at USD 275 is constructed from micro-fibre vegan leather and a rare blend of gold hardware finishing.

JW PEI Fiona handbag

And, if the bag alone is not sufficient to convince you to buy it, you might like to know that the brand donates 10% of every purchase to different animal sanctuaries from all over the world. How about that for an ethical label?!

5. Amore Bucket Tote

Mat and Nat vegan designer handbags

Matt and Nat label has become one of the most loved brands for vegans looking for designer handbags and accessories to wear.

With a wide range of products, covering any types of activities, the brand’s products are beautiful, durable, and lovely to wear. Our Matt & Nat favourite of designer vegan handbag goes to the Amore Bucket Tote, priced at £240.

Mat and Nat Amore bucket tote

With a large internal compartment, this bucket style tote has a removable interior pouch and a top tab with dog-clip closure for extra security.

The handbag comes in two colour, black and velvet, with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, and is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

4. Rebirth Vegan Designer Handbag

Adelaide Carta vegan designer handbags

Coming from an Italian designer label, Adelaide Carta, that prides itself with the production of eco-friendly and animal-free accessories, the Rebirth designer handbag reflects its name to perfection.

Adelaide C Rebirth modular bag

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Hand-crafted from a blend of organic and recyclable, materials such as sustainable cork and organic cotton, the Rebirth handbag has a modular design makes this bag a great match for all occasion on casual-chic outfits and is priced at £431

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