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Eachpal HALO Bracelet – Safety And Fashion On Your Wrist


Eachpal HALO Bracelet – Safety And Fashion On Your Wrist.
The fashion tech landscape is maturing at an accelerated rate. It has, by our count, more than 600 billion Google search results to date. Several of these findings come from meetup groups with thousands of members, new conferences all over the world and experts on social media. Even more, hundreds of new fashion devices and accessories are being released every year.
The latest product entering the fashion tech landscape is the Eachpal HALO Bracelet, revealed last week at MWC 2016, in Barcelona. “Born” as a collaboration between Eachpal, a Chinese company, and Jacob Jensen Design studio, the Eachpal HALO bracelet wants to keep women safe at all times by putting SOS alerts on their wrists.

Eachpal HALO Bracelet – Design And Features

Eachpal HALO Bracelet
The Eachpal HALO Bracelet is a stylish device that lets you send an S.O.S. distress alert to a pre-assigned contact. If needed, the distress signal can be forwarded to any other user of the platform, if he is in close vicinity. Also, the bracelet starts recording via your phone’s microphone as soon as the S.O.S. message goes out.

Although keeping you safe is the bracelet’s primary mission, the Eachpal HALO Bracelet added a few handy features found in most wearables these days. You can reject calls by waving your hand over the bracelet, access your music and even take selfies. More important? These hand gestures can be customised.

Eachpal HALO Bracelet – App And Battery Life

To make use of all the available features, you are going to have to install the HALO app, available for both iOS and Android. Once you have the app on your mobile, set up your emergency contact and then customise your hand gestures. It is as simple as that.
The Eachpal HALO Bracelet comes with four weeks worth of battery life and to charge it, you have to use their proprietary wireless charger. Make sure you keep it safe as the replacement is going to cost you a small fortune.

Eachpal HALO Bracelet – Price And Availability

There is no definite date of when the bracelet is going to hit the market, but we are expecting the Eachpal HALO Bracelet to hit the shelves this May 2016. The company is going to launch two models priced at €149 (£115) and €199 (£155).
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We were impressed by the waterproof capability of the bracelet on our short period spent with it at MWC. It is a must have a bracelet for women living in dangerous cities or places. The design of the Eachpal HALO is distinctive and is easy to setup and use. However, we see the price as a significant problem in its future adoption.
We can only hope that as more women buy and wear the product, and HALO will become a warning sign for any would-be attackers.

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