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Lylie’s Recycled E-waste Jewellery Turns Tech Trash Into Treasure


Lylie’s recycled e-waste Jewellery turns tech trash into treasure. Lylie’s, an innovative London based start-up, turns recycled e-waste into stylish pieces of jewellery. E-waste or electronic waste refers to technological rubbish or unwanted technological devices that are being discarded every day. As the use of technological devices has seen dramatic growth over the past few years, landfill sites have been filled up with electronic disposal threatening the environment.

E-waste Jewellery from e-mining

However, there is treasure hidden in this new waste.

New Possibilities Within Electronic Waste

The disposal of electronic devices, like smartphones, laptops or tablets, contain valuable materials such as platinum, gold, silver and copper that can be extracted from the landfill sites through e-mining.

Using this new opportunity, Eliza Walter, the young entrepreneur and the founder of Lylie’s London-based Jewellery brand, sources all the materials for her collection from e-mining.

Lylie’s E-waste Jewellery Redefines Elegance And Beauty

The new British start-up, Lylie’s has brought a new perspective to the traditional business of jewellery.

The brand creates jewellery with captivating designs and exceptional quality, made from precious materials that have been sourced by e-mining.

E-waste Jewellery by Lylie’s

“In our collections we use 100 per cent recycled gold and silver from electronic waste. Also we encourage our customer to recycle their unwanted jewellery with us” Told Eliza Walter, the Hallmark Award winner designer and founder of Lylie’s to Financial Times.

All the high-quality jewellery pieces and accessories are made from recycled materials, a perfect design for those mindful women and men.

The brand also offers customisation for a category of its products, with the price ranging from 56 GBP to 270 GBP.

E-waste Jewellery by Lylie’s - The Dancing Lion Medieval Mount Pendant E-waste Jewellery by Lylie’s - The Burnt Victorian Toy Pig Cufflinks E-waste Jewellery by Lylie’s - The Oria Coral Hoops E-waste Jewellery by Lylie’s - The Madonna And Child Pendant E-waste Jewellery by Lylie’s - The Iverni Celtic Bangle E-waste Jewellery by Lylie’s - The Ancient Antrim Iron Age Pendant E-waste Jewellery by Lylie’s - The Dancing Lion Medieval Mount Earrings

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  1. We always try to highlight the advantages of recycling fashion. With vintage jewellery as our main focus at Susan Caplan, we have found unique ways of breathing new life into old pieces.
    Many of our pieces have never been worn with Susan sourcing them from the original manufacturers. Where pieces have been worn before, Susan sources only the best pieces that are in impeccable condition.
    Educating the market around how to recycle fashion is key to sustainability. We believe that we can help by showing people more ways to re-wear and style their jewellery. I wondered if you might be interested in exploring this deeper through our collection.