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Discover Puma X Saint Martins Day Zero Sustainable Collection


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Sustainable Puma Day Zero Collection in Collaboration with Central Saint Martins.

Sports company Puma is set to launch a sustainable line designed in collaboration with the fashion students from London’s esteemed Central Saint Martin’s school.

Called ‘Day Zero’, the collection brings consumers’ attention to the drought that hit Cape Town, South Africa.

The water scarcity has forced the South African government to declare a “day zero” on which the city’s water supply would end.

Sustainable Puma – Day Zero Collection

Puma sustainable sneakers from day zero collection

Day Zero is the day the taps run dry. The day humanity runs out of water,” states the official announcement.

Through the ‘Day Zero’ collection, both parties aim to shine further light on this, and many other sustainability-related issues that plague the fashion industry at the moment.

As such, the map of Cape Town city appears as the central theme on several collection pieces.

It is seen on clothes, footwear and even on accessories.

Moreover, to champion the ‘sustainable fashion’ core message, the Sustainable Puma Day Zero collection was produced from Dope dyed sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials.

Puma Day Zero Collection – Minimal Water Consumption

Puma used cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative, known to use little water in the production of raw materials for the collection.

Dope dyeing is a novel painting process which uses less energy, water and chemicals than conventional systems, to place logos directly onto fabric.

The process reduces the use of toxic chemicals, waste creation, and especially (in this context) water consumption.

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This initiative alone has helped Puma reduce water consumption by 17.4 per cent, according to the type of product manufactured.

PUMA saved over 13 billion litres of water in 2019 by using BCI cotton throughout its product range.

Sustainable Puma Day Zero Collection

Puma Day Zero Collection

To put that into perspective, it is the equivalent of 200 million showers.

Taking its sustainability efforts, a step further, all images for the ‘Day Zero’ collection were digitally sampled by ‘The Fabricant’ a Dutch digital house.

The Sustainable Puma Day Zero collection is set to drop in Selfridges this coming March 19th.

Once launched, you’ll also be able to order the collection online, directly from Puma’s official US store, available here.

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