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The Age Of Smart, Multifunctional, And Biodegradable Fashion


The age of smart, multifunctional, and biodegradable fashion. The ‘Omdanne’ collection was launched by the apparel company SOLVE, as its first biodegradable line, created in response to fast fashion.

The collection consists of three 100 per cent biodegradable items of clothing if put in compost. But, the more interesting part comes from their versatility, as each garment can be converted into ten different fashion styles.

Biodegradable Fashion – From Eucalyptus Tree

Made from 100 per cent Tencel Lyocell fibre, a cellulosic fibre derived from the Eucalyptus tree, the Omdanne collection clothes can absorb body moisture and release on to the outside, thus keeping the garments fresher for much longer.

The Tencel Lyocell fibre, fibres come from sustainably managed forests in Europe, and it is processed in a close-looped system, without harmful chemicals, toxic solvents or toxic dyes.

Biodegradable Fashion – Decomposed Within A Month

The biodegradability of the garments was tested by placing them in containers filled with soil, and after a month, the fabric was almost wholly biodegraded.
Biodegradable Fashion
The Omdanne collection by SOLVE consists of three pieces, and each of them can transform into over ten distinct styles, with the aim of stopping fashion buyers from spending on various clothes that they might never wear.

Each of the three Omdanne garments has been given a suggestive alphabet letter as its core name.

For example, The T couture is “designed for the active-elegant ones in mind”, the R is “is for the casual-chic ones”, and the E is “for the casual chic-active fashion consumers”.
Biodegradable Fashion

Biodegradable Fashion – Fashion Matching Tutorials

Each one of the T, R, and E, of the Omdanne garments, are kept together with tiny but mighty magnets, which are also detachable so that the clothes can be fully decomposed, with no traces left behind.

Moreover, thanks to the magnet-based design, the wearer has endless possibilities for how to wear and match the clothes.

Biodegradable Fashion
SOLVE, the company behind the Omdanne collection gives out ‘style matching – step by step tutorials‘ showing the buyers how to make the most of their biodegradable and multifunctional pieces of clothing.
Biodegradable Fashion
Biodegradable Fashion

Biodegradable Fashion
Biodegradable Fashion
Biodegradable Fashion
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