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Best Vegan Skateboarding Sneakers? Try Adidas And Beastie Boys


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Adidas x Beastie Boys vegan skateboarding sneakers are here! How many of you remember the American hip hop group Beastie Boys? Their song ‘Sabotage’, part of their 1994 ‘Ill Communication’ album is credited as one of the best hip-hop songs ever.

If you’re a fan of the band and lover of vegan apparel, then you’ll love the news we have for you. This July the 25th was the 30th anniversary of ‘Paul’s Boutique’, the band’s second album release.

And, what better way to celebrate than through a partnership with Adidas, to launch vegan skateboarding sneakers? Named the Adidas Skateboarding x Beastie Boys Americana vegan sneakers, bear in mind there’s only one pair per person, while limited supplies last.

So here’s the story behind this collaboration: After the record-breaking sales of the first album ‘Licensed to Ill,’ released in 1986, the band’s second album ‘Paul’s Boutique,’ was struggling to catch up.

But, years later, as the music market matured, the album has earned a well-deserved place in the history of hardcore punk blend with hip hop music. And now, years later, to celebrate its success the band has teamed up with Adidas to create a vegan shoe.

In fact, only two members of the Beastie Boys were present. Adam Horowitz and Mike Diamond as Adam Yauch, the third Beastie Boys member, of the group had passed away from cancer in 2012.

The band is known for refusing to partner with other brands. However, according to Horowitz, when Adidas approached them for a partnership, it came easy as both of them are big fans of the brand.

“I love certain consecrated, global, brands, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Adidas. I’ve worn their Stan Smiths, Rod Lavers, Campus and shell toes, so many more of their great products, so the decision to go was no brainer for us,” said Horowitz.

Adidas x Beastie Boys vegan skateboarding trainers

Adidas is not at the first ‘vegan/skateboarding/stars’ collaboration. Thanks to Cullen Poythress, the head of Adidas Skateboarding division, the brand has embarked in the past in vegan collaborations with Stella McCartney.

Stella’s vegan Stan Smith sneakers, and more recently with her AlphaEdge 4D limited innovative sneaker, a 3D-printed vegan shoe based on a sock design have made history as well, in the world of conscious fashion.

“They are the best artists to have blended so well various social and subculture elements of the ’80s and ’90s. That’s why Beastie Boys represent skateboarding, graffiti, a blend of hardcore punk and hip-hop. They represent street fashion and style,” Poythress added.

The new Adidas & Beastie Boys vegan shoe features an off-white vegan canvas upper and gum soles. The band’s name, ‘Beastie Boys’ is written across the tongue of the sneakers, and the stripes on the sides are made from grey cotton jersey.

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The collaboration was unveiled in New York at ‘Beyond The Streets’, a street art show and graffiti exhibition. The Beastie Boys vegan sneakers will be available at Beyond The Streets and most North American skateboarding retailers.

A portion of the proceeds made from the vegan sneakers will be donated to nonprofits organisations such as Little Kids Rock and Peace Sisters.

We think it is great to see such an iconic brand promoting veganism while getting the recognition so much deserved. What collaboration do you think Adidas should embark on next? Comments below, please.

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