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Three Best Vegan Shoes That’ll Make You Stand Out This Summer


It used to be a challenge to spot vegan footwear that’s both stylish and functional. Not any more as nowadays there are plenty of big, reliable labels making sustainable and vegan shoes, sandals, and trainers.

Ethically manufactured, vegan shoes are not just comfortable but also great to look at. Moreover, all sustainable and vegan shoes contribute to a better world.

The brands featured here have made this list since they have put the environment and the ethics at the very top of the priority list.

1. Best Vegan Shoes – Ethletic

Ethletic vegan sneakers

Promoted as ‘Fair. Vegan. Sustainable’, Ethletic is a German brand, known around the world for their elegant, stylish classic footwear.

It was the first brand to be awarded the ‘Quality label for fair trade’, and a dedicated investor in improving the welfare and lives of their workers.

Ethletic’s entire range is vegan, with materials sourced from fair trade farms, with natural rubber certified by the FSC, which make Ethletic shoes the perfect shoe for stylish vegan lovers, be that for streetwear, casual dressing or formal occasions.

Ethletic vegan trainers

The summer shoes we think you’re going to rock with this summer are these Black Cap.

2. Best Vegan Shoes – Flamingos’ Life

Flamingos’ Life vegan sneakers

Marketed as ‘Animal Free Sneakers’, Flamingo’s Life is a Spanish label retailing in major cities across the United States and Europe.

While it looks similar to Veja, this label is light years ahead of them if you are looking for a true vegan product. As an animal-free company, Flamingo’s Life’s entire range of shoes is vegan.

Launched in 2015, the company had some initial teething issues regarding the quality and durability of their shoes, if the Facebook reviews are to be trusted.

However, the brand’s new range seems to have reached a high level of quality. Apart from ethical manufacturing, for every sold pair that, the brand ensures that it plants two trees via a project called Eden Reforestation hence our seal of approval.

Moreover, the brand uses recycled materials and ocean plastics in its products, so doing good is at the heart of the brand.

Flamingos’ Life vegan trainers

If you want to stand out this summer, here is what you’ve got to get.

3. Best Vegan Shoes – NAE

NAE vegan sneakers

No Animal Exploitation aka NAE is a Portuguese vegan footwear brand promoting fair and animal-friendly fashion products that also respect the environment.

One of our favourite vegan brands of shoes, NAE puts the accent not only of the use of natural and eco-friendly materials but also on the design and style of their footwear.

All of NAE’s products are manufactured locally from natural materials such as cork and pineapple, and recycled materials as car airbags, PET plastic bottles, ecological microfibers.

You can access NAE’s list of sustainable and vegan-friendly materials used in their shoes from here.

NAE vegan trainers

Our recommended NAE shoes this summer are Veka unisex sneakers made of pineapple leaf fibre.

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