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Best Vegan Leather Jackets For Women – And Where To Order From


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The ever so classic leather jacket is now vegan!

The classic leather jacket fashion statement is no longer in fashion. I

Well, it is, but under the shape of a vegan leather jacket.

And leading fashion designers are proving that this classic look can be equally chic and cruelty-free, as well.

As Stella McCartney beautifully put it:

Leather is no longer fashionable.”

For you, all modern fashionista out there, your new jacket has to be made from sustainable leather alternatives.

Here are the best designer vegan leather jackets out there, selected by us to help you choose and make a bold statement.

1. Skin Free Skin Coat – Stella McCartney

This ‘Skin Free Skin Coat’ is both, stylish and sophisticated.

As part of Stella McCartney‘s ethical code, the label has pledged to forego the use of animal leather in any of its collections.

Skin free skin stella mccartney
Skin Free SkinCoat - Stella McCartney

A Stella McCartney vegan leather jacket is a must-have vegan statement to any ethical consumer and fully worthwhile to splurge your money on.

2. Long Vegan Leather Raincoat – Julia Allert

Julia Allert is a high-end designer label hailing from the beautiful country of Moldova.

Driven by a ‘break the rules’ ethos and with a ‘slow fashion’ heart, the designer has created some of the most amazing vegan leather creations to date.

Take this ‘Long Vegan Leather Raincoat’, a unique interpretation of the contry’s tumultuous and fascinating past, by the designer herself, Julia Allert.

With a functional design, the coat can be worn on its own (dress like) or unbuttoned paired with a classy turtle neck.

Julia Allert vegan leather coat
Long Vegan Leather Raincoat – Julia Allert

Moreover, if you want to look chic on one of those rainy days, this long vegan leather jacket is all you need.

3. Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket – Nanushka

This vegan leather bomber is the celeb’s choice by far.

The queen of vegan leather jackets, Sandra Sandor has made her designer label, Nanushka, globally known for its vegan ethos.

All fashion celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, worn Nanushka’s vegan leather.

The Nanushka’s signature bomber has an 80s-inspired silhouette.

Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket Nanushka
BOMI Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket - Nanushka

If you are looking for one of those cool, oversized, boxy styles, this vegan leather jacket is the first choice.

4. Vegan Leather Cropped Blazer – Martin Appelt

Now, this is a vegan leather jacket that’s going to make you stand out from the crowd by a mile!

Martin Appelt is known for his joyfully ironic designs.

His creations are strongly influenced by a blend of pop-culture and current socio-environmental issues.

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And this ‘500 DM’ vegan leather jacket is one of those.

Crafted from apple leather with an all-over ‘Deutsche Mark’ currency print the jacket is embellished with gold chains attached at the shoulders and the back.

This creates a unique purse like look.

This jacket is not only sustainable and cruelty-free but also gorgeously fashionable.

Martin Appelt Vegan Leather Cropped Blazer
500 DM Vegan Leather Cropped Blazer – Martin Appelt

Pair it up with a dress, skirt or jeans, and you can rock the look of vegan freedom.

5. Golden Pinatex Leather Jacket – Sarah Regensburger

The ‘Golden Queen’ Pinatex leather jacket by Sarah Regunsburger is another head-turner of the list

Worn by wild-at-heart dreamers with gender-fluid styles, the label’s festival-ready clothing nods to vintage eras while always staying ahead of the curve.

This jacket comes in Pinatex leather and features an open front with decorative tassels and lacing all around the seams.

Golden Pinatex Leather Jacket – Sarah Regensburger
Golden Queen Pinatex Leather Jacket – Sarah Regensburger

Swing on baby, swing on, in this stylish golden colour, vegan leather jacket.

6. Long Silver Pinatex Leather Coat – Eirinn Hayhow

If you are a fan of punk style, Eirinn Hayhow is your new go-to fashion designer.

Inspired by the juxtaposition of trash and haute-couture, the London-based designer is leading the gender-fluid high-vibe couture conversation.

And this long silver Pinatex leather coat is her statement piece.

Its design is a cry of rebellion against the wasteful culture.

Long Silver Pinatex Leather Coat – Eirinn Hayhow
Long Silver Pinatex Leather Coat – Eirinn Hayhow

The vegan leather jacket has the designer’s iconic DIY, punk artwork that makes it one of a kind!

7. Vegan Leather Trench – Each X Other

This limited-edition Each X Other‘s vegan leather trench coat is for the classic lovers.

The jacket is created with unmatched excellence.

Vegan Leather Trench Coat – Each X Other
Vegan Leather Trench Coat – Each X Other

The jacket’s design is inspired by the label’s signature altered classic men’s style that is bounded to no male/female stereotypes.

8. Fitted Vegan Leather Jacket – Hiraeth

The Hiraeth fitted Vegan Leather Jacket is a true vegan vibe.

Founded by Rooney Mara, infamous actor and wife to the iconic Joaquin Phoenix, Hiraeth is the symbol of vegan rebellion.

Hiraeth Edith Fitted Vegan Leather Jacket
Edith Fitted Vegan Leather Jacket – Hiraeth

With a short design, long sleeves, this vegan leather jacket is designed to make you like a rock goddess.

9. Pinatex Leather Biker Jacket – Altiir

Altiir‘s Pinatex leather biker is our all season vegan.

Made from Pineapple leaves, this biker looking like jacket has a cropped design and a belt around the waist.

Styled with a chic asymmetrical zipper on the front, this vegan leather jacket has an irresistible feel when touched.

Neo Classic Pinatex Leather Biker Jacket – Altiir
Neo Classic Pinatex Leather Biker Jacket – Altiir

If you pair this vegan leather jacket with a pair of high biker boots, you’re definitely going to nail that ‘envy-me’ look.

10. Vegan Leather Fitted Blazer – Nanushka

This is another piece from our vegan leather queen.

Crafted from soft vegan leather, this blazer is ideal for changing seasons.

Blair Vegan Leather Fitted Blazer – Nanushka
Blair Vegan Leather Fitted Blazer – Nanushka

With a padded shoulder and cross-body draping, this blazer lets you express your inner fashionista.

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