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Best Vegan Fashion Brands To Shop With Any Budget This Autumn


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Best vegan fashion brands to shop with any budget this Autumn. It appears that vegan fashion brands are gaining traction by the day. In a world of individual fashion styles, the vegan movement shows that consumers’ appetite for all-things animal-friendly is on the rise.

More fashion labels from all over the world have started to focus on eco-conscious styles. But, while we are spoiled in our choices – which is a good thing – it has become harder to decide which brands fit the vegan-ethical profile one should settle for.

So, if you can’t make up your mind about which animal-friendly fashion brands are best for you, we’ve narrowed down your choice to five great stylish vegan fashion brands you’ll love. And, here they are:

1.  Alba Paris Art Vegan Fashion

Alba Paris creations are meant to let you make a statement with your fashion choices.

The brand’s collection of ‘short-sleeve’ shirt is made without wool to promote the idea of veganism and the beauty of being cruelty-free.

Alba Paris Art collections are for vegans who aren’t afraid to challenge the industry’s status quo. Bold and powerful styles the brand delivers a vibrant and daring feel about it.

2. Threads For Love Vegan Clothing

When Renee Marchitto founded ‘Threads for Love’, she wrapped two of her lifetime passions, the love for animal welfare and fashion, into one enterprise.

Ever since the brand has become one of the most sought stylish vegan fashion brands by fashion connoisseurs. I’d advise you to check out ‘Threads for Love’ if you want fashion that allows you to leave a message to the masses without having to speak a word.

Thanks to their new range of sweatshirt featuring logos such as “for all animals” and “save them with kindness”, you can now ‘shout out’ – visually – the values you stand for.

Moreover, about 10% of what you pay for the shirts and pullovers will go to animal rescue organisations.

3. Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes is a UK-based stylish vegan fashion footwear brand that makes only animal-free shoes for both men and women.

Still operating out of a street-side store – just as it did when they launched three decades ago – the brand has gained massive popularity over the last few years.

There’s plenty of excellent stuff to scout on their website, from blackstrap vegan sandals to air seal Mary Janes. True, the prices aren’t low, but as they say, you get what you pay for.

If you’re big on simplicity, durability, and care about the planet, you’ll love to hear that even the shipping eco-friendly, here at the ‘Vegetarian Shoes’ brand.

4. Urban Originals Vegan Luxury Bags


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Urban Originals is an international company whose brand ethos and values centres around kindness in fashion, all for a cleaner planet and a better world.

With a strict no-animal products policy, Urban Originals stylish vegan fashion brand comprises a wide range of beautiful handbags, crossbody bags, wallets, and totes.

Urban Originals stylish bags are made of organic cotton, bio-based polyamides, and fabrics from recycled PET bottles.

But beyond its ethical values, the Urban Originals stylish vegan fashion creations are pure work of art.

If you haven’t tried this brand yet, this is the time to explore their wide range of super trendy and colourful creations.

5. Save the Duck Cruelty-Free Outwear

Save the Duck is one of the very few vegan-friendly fashion brands that boast a heritage spanning several decades.

Among Save the Duck’s latest offerings you’ll find superbly designed cruelty-free puffer jackets for men, hooded jackets and rainwear for women.

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A similar range of product is available for boys and girls. While might say that this is a pretty restricted fashion range, you can rest assured that you know where your ‘feathers’ come from.

So, you now have five fabulous stylish vegan fashion brands to get your animal-free style fixed. From jackets to shoes and from shorts to hats, we’ve got you covered. Give them a try and let us know how it all turns out.

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