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Best Smartwatch 2015/2016 – Top 10


Best Smartwatch 2015-2016 is updated by WT VOX, with every new smartwatch launch.
For the Best Smartwatch 2015 Award, we’ve put to test big contenders like Apple, Motorola, Pebble, LG, Samsung, and Huawei.
We’ve tested all the major smartwatches on the market, catalogued them by style, design and value for money. They all get a well-deserved place in our official Best Smartwatch 2015.

10. Best Smartwatch 2015/2016 – ASUS ZenWatch

Best Smartwatch 2015 - Official Top 10 Asus Zenwatch
ASUS ZenWatch is the first wearable device produced by Asus in partnership with Google. It is a year old now and powered by Android Wear OS. The ZenWatch was announced on the 3rd of September 2014 in Berlin and released a month later.
Despite being a year old, ASUS ZenWatch takes a well deserved 10th place on our Best Smartwatch list, thanks to specs and good design.
Specs: Quad-core CPU 1.2 GHz1.63 inch – 278ppi, 4GB storage, 512 MB RAM,  Android Wear.
Battery Life: 1 day.
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9. Best Smartwatch 2015/2016 – Pebble Time

Best Smartwatch 2015 - Official Top 10 pebble time
Pebble Time was unveiled for the first time in February 2015, on a Kickstarter campaign that broke every record. At that time, Pebble Time gained more than $20m in pledges. That is millions.
It was the first Pebble watch to introduce a colour e-paper display, as well as a microphone and a new charging cable.
Not a very fashionable watch but if you seek “the geek look”, this is a must-have accessory. Pebble Time lands straight on the 9th place in our Best Smartwatch top.
Specs: Cortex M4 CPU1.25 inch – 182ppi, 16MB storage, Pebble OS 3.0.
Battery Life: 7 days.
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8. Best Smartwatch 2015/2016 – LG Watch Urbane

The LG Watch Urbane was released in March 2015 and it is viewed as the flagship smartwatch for LG. LG Watch Urbane is crafted in stainless steel with an either gold or silver finish.
LG Watch Urbane is one of the most modern and stylish smartwatches featured in our Top 2015 list.
At IFA 2015 in Berlin, LG displayed the gold full version of the LG Watch Urbane. If you fancy the real gold smartwatch rather than a gold touch “finish”, better get the cash ready as it is a limited edition.
See this link for more pics. LG Watch Urbane is number 8th on our top for showing fashion tech signs, ahead of the curve.
Specs: Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A71.3 inch – 348ppi, 4GB storage, 1GB Ram, Android Wear/ webOS(LTE).
Battery Life: 1-2 days.
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7. Best Smartwatch 2015/2016 – Moto 360

The Moto 360 was announced in 2014, March 18 and released on September 5, same year, in the US.
The Moto 360’s unique round design, premium materials and sharpness made it the flagship smartwatch of Android Wear straight from the beginning.
Despite the launch of the new generation – Moto 360 2 – the first Moto 360 is still one of the best smartwatches you can buy.
On our Top 10 “Best smartwatch of 2015”, the one-year-old Moto 360 sits in a comfortable 7th place. Aimed at the “decision-making” geeks.
Specs: 1 GHz Cortex A8, 1.56 inch – 205ppi, 4GB storage, 512MB Ram, Android Wear.
Battery Life: 1 day.
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6. Best Smartwatch 2015/2016 – Sony Smartwatch 3

Released in 2014, Sony SmartWatch 3 brought to the market innovative features for that time. It is waterproof (IP68 rated, not just resistant), improved styling plus the transition to Android Wear and the introduction of a new wearable platform from Broadcom.
If you are looking for a smartwatch with Android Wear, great specs, and a fantastic price, then Sony Smartwatch 3 comes as a highly recommended smartwatch by us.
Specs: 1.2 GHz ARM A7, 1.6 inch – 283ppi, 4GB storage, 512MB Ram, Android Wear.
Battery Life: 2-3 days.
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5. Best Smartwatch 2015/2016 – ASUS ZenWatch 2

Best Smartwatch 2015 - Official Top 10 asus zenwatch 2
The new ASUS ZenWatch or ASUS ZenWatch 2 was revealed to a global audience at IFA 2015. ASUS made many improvements in hardware and design with its latest smartwatch.
Changes in specs, customization options and even in the way ZenWatch 2 gets charged, now through a magnetic connector. A good looking watch that looks neat when worn with a suit.
Specs: Snapdragon 400 CPU, 1.63 inch – 278ppi, 4GB storage, 512MB Ram, Android Wear.
Battery Life: 1-2 days.
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4. Best Smartwatch 2015/2016 – Samsung Gear S2

samsung gear s2 release date software wt vox
Samsung’s latest smartwatch comes in three variants, all running on Tizen OS. For the first time, unlike the square Samsung Gear S and Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S2 features a round display.
The new shape makes it look compact and more natural. Samsung Gear S2 is also, the first smartwatch to work with Samsung Pay.
Samsung designed not one but three smartwatch cases, for all types of buyers. Silver, Dark Grey, Classic Black. From the sporty one to the office type. In our Best Smartwatch list, Samsung Gear S2 misses the podium, occupying the 4th position for the lack of third party apps.
Specs: Exynos 3250, 1.2 inch – 302ppi, 4GB storage, 512MB Ram, Tizen OS.
Battery Life: 1-2 days.
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3. Best Smartwatch 2015/2016 – Moto 360 2

Best Smartwatch 2015 - Official Top 10 asus moto 360 2
Moto 360 2 brings new upgrades over the original model and a huge variety of customization options. All thanks to Moto Maker, geared up and ready for you to build, the perfect smartwatch.
Using tips from other manufacturers, Moto 360 2 offers lots of customization options and it is available in many sizes and versions.
Not all pink here as the Moto 360 2 still features the “flat tyre” design, which makes the Moto 360 2 loose some points for design. Only the 3rd place on our Best Smartwatch top.
Specs: Snapdragon 400 CPU – 1.2 GHz , 1.56 inch – 233ppi, 4GB storage, 512MB Ram, Android Wear.
Battery Life: 1-2 days.
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2. Best Smartwatch 2015/2016 – Apple Watch

Best Smartwatch 2015 - Official Top 10 apple watch
Apple Watch was unveiled a year ago on the 9th of September 2014 during a press event by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Apple Watch comes in three so-called “collections” and two case sizes.
Apple Watch introduced at that time new technologies and concepts such as “digital crown” and “force touch”.
However, there is a downside. It is not compatible with Android OS. Not yet. More than that, Apple Watch has a hard-to-swallow price tag and its operating system, Watch OS, is still raw in same places. Well, it is an infant, when compared to the mature now, Android Wear.
In our Best Smartwatch list, Apple Watch takes the honourable 2nd place.
Specs: Apple S1 , 1.32/1.5 inch – 326ppi, 8GB storage, 512MB Ram, watchOS.
Battery Life: 1 day.
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1. Best Smartwatch 2015/2016 – Huawei Watch

Huawei surprised us at MWC 2015 back in February when the world had a glimpse of what was about to come: The Huawei Watch. Displayed at IFA 2015, Huawei mesmerised us once again.
Based on specs, aesthetics and with the help of the latest Android Wear update, Huawei Watch is the Best Smartwatch you can buy.
Huawei has managed to create a style that’s simple and pleasing to the eye by tapping on the classic “Swiss style”.
If you have not seen or touched it, you must.
Specs: Snapdragon 400 CPU , 1.4 inch – 286ppi, 4GB storage, 512MB Ram, Android Wear.
Battery Life: 1-2 days.
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  1. huawei looks like rolex I swear. can i use this with my samsung galaxy s6 and when is this available in canada?