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Best Fitness Trackers – Top 10


Dealing with fitness trackers gives us the opportunity to test and share with you, our findings. This is our list of the best fitness trackers you can buy.
It is amazing for us – here at WT VOX – being able to witness how far the wearables market has gone in just four years. From a nascent market in 2011 to a $20 billion market in 2015, a market expected to reach $80 billion by 2025.
Today, we’ll be focusing on the fitness trackers in particular as it has become difficult to know where to start or how to choose a fitness tracker, that suits your needs best.
Dealing with fitness trackers on a daily basis – office, gym, home – gives us the opportunity (read pleasure) to test and share with you, our experiences and findings. Here it is our top 10 best fitness trackers available on the market.

10. Best Fitness Trackers – Misfit Shine

misfit shine is nr.3 in wt vox best fitness trackers 2015
Misfit Shine is not just another fitness tracker but a fashion tech device too. It is the best-looking device in its class.
The Shine has great specs, and it is very versatile when compared with its competitors that offer either a clip or a wristband, but not both.
No worries when it comes to Shine’s battery. It lasts for weeks. If you want a gorgeous activity tracker that you can wear even while swimming and don’t mind much that reading your data requires a smartphone, then Shine is the gadget for you.
However, when it comes to data collection, this device is fairly basic. Basic if you need comprehensive fitness and health metrics, still, it delivers more than sufficient data for what a regular user would need.
Misfit Shine is on the 10th place in WT VOX best fitness trackers 2015 list.
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9. Best Fitness Trackers – Garmin VivoSmart

garmin vivosmart is nr.8 in wt vox best fitness trackers 2015
For the casual athletes who wants to track their steps over the course of their running or walking, the VívoSmart is by far, one of the best fitness trackers available on the market at this point.
It is true, Garmin has released many devices, for many types of fitness activities, but none of them blends the daily fitness step tracking and smart notifications, in a “package” this sleek, smooth and comfortable.
We feel that Garmin Vívosmart could be the perfect fitness tracker most people need but only if Garmin adds a customizable daily alarm and make the sleep tracking automatic. Until then, Garmin VivoSmart occupies a decent number 9 on our best fitness trackers 2015 list.
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8. Best Fitness Trackers – Misfit Shine 2

misfit shine 2 battery
We feel that Misfit has designed a worthy successor to its original Shine. The additions are minor but crucial.
We doubt Misfit could have added more features without altering the shape of the new Shine 2. Adding a display or a heart rate sensor would have changed the design brand that made Shine so famous.
If you want a fitness tracker that looks as good as it works, then the Misfit Shine 2 is a tracker to have.
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7. Best Fitness Trackers – Fitbit Surge

fitbit surge is nr.7 in wt vox best fitness trackers 2015
The Fitbit Surge offers plenty of features: GPS tracking, continuous heart-rate monitoring, basic smartphone notifications and music control. All nicely packed up in a nice looking, smart fitness tracker.
Fitbit’s platform and app are leading the positives here. Fitbit has been always one of the best at delivering the user’s collected data in a comprehensive, appealing way.
However, there are a few minor drawbacks. Inaccuracies (infrequent, it is true) in data collection – elevation in particular – and the limited battery life when using the GPS are affecting the final score, making it perhaps not ideal for professional athletes.
Overall, you could say that Fitbit Surge is a smartwatch with some “fitness in its DNA”. Extra features – that a simple activity tracker does not have – such as GPS and HR monitoring, all packed in a “format” that is easy to use and understand.
Fitbit Surge is on the number 7 on our best fitness trackers 2015 list.
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6. Best Fitness Trackers – Xiaomi Mi Band

xiaomi mi band is nr.5 in wt vox best fitness trackers 2015
Xiaomi Mi Band is an excellent entry-level wearable fitness tracker. Entry level as it is dirt cheap. If you do not want to make a big monetary commitment with your first fitness tracker, look no further.
Mi Band does not bring anything new to the fitness trackers, but it does not lack any major features either.
Honestly, unless there is a particular feature or third-party app that Fitbit Charge and Jawbone Up devices have and you need, I cannot see any real justification for buying them over the Xiaomi Mi Band.
On our best fitness trackers 2015 list, Xiaomi is in a well-deserved 6th place. No HR and no screen here but the quality and the incredible price of this tracker compensate in full. From thousands of fitness trackers out there, this is a great one.
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5. Best Fitness Trackers – Jawbone UP2

jawbone up2 is nr.4 in wt vox best fitness trackers 2015
The Jawbone UP2 lacks some of the advanced features seen in recent competitors. However, the battery life, app ecosystem, and modern design make up for the negatives.
There is no HR sensor, no display and it cannot be worn while swimming – shower is ok. The design is good, and it follows on Jawbone’s guidelines.
Adding a screen would turn this tracker into a Fitbit, and that is not what we want. Overall, Up2 is hard to beat for a general fitness tracker thanks to the attractive price point and its superior software.
If you need a general fitness tracker with a nice design and the best possible software, then Jawbone UP2 is the right choice for you.
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4. Best Fitness Trackers – Microsoft Band 2

microsoft band 2 best fitness tracker 2015 2016
The first Microsoft Band was powerful, packing more sensors than any other fitness tracker on the market. Sensors health orientated. However, it had one flow. It was unwearable.
With Microsoft Band 2, the company is trying to remove the “cuff feeling.” Compared with the old Band, the screen is curved, the inside bracelet sensor is smaller, the materials are premium. Quite a lot of overall design updates.
More than that, the strap is comfortable, and the clasp is now easy to use. Even the screen is bright and easy to read.
The software powering the Band 2 works well and is quite polished. It is a complex fitness tracker that gives you the extra data you need. However, the Microsoft Band 2 still feels heavy, and the $249.99 price might be too much when compared with the competition.
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3. Best Fitness Trackers – Garmin Vivosmart HR

garmin vivosmart hr best fitness tracker
The Vivosmart HR is one of the best fitness trackers we have tried here at WT VOX. Without a doubt, a tracker worth considering. The Vivosmart HR features an HR monitor and is water-resistant up to 5 ATM (50 meters). That is better than the Fitbit Surge, which is only splash-resistant.
More than that, the Garmin Vivosmart HR has a touch display and can display all the notifications from your mobile. That includes texts, calls, emails, calendar events, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
Garmin Vivosmart HR is a cross between a smartwatch and a tracker. If you are not yet ready for a smartwatch, but you want notifications on your wrist, then the Vivosmart HR is the option for you.
Vivosmart HR Review

2. Best Fitness Trackers – Jawbone UP3

jawbone up3 is 2 in wt vox best fitness trackers 2015
Jawbone UP3 is a different beast from the previous generations. It tracks both, activity and sleep patterns.
On top of that, with the new “Smart Coach” feature – part of the UP app – Jawbone UP3 is capable of delivering customised health advice, based on the user’s habits.
It also measures the heart rate at resting time and REM sleep. If you can ignore the issues with the new buckle and if you are after a fitness tracker that also looks good, then Jawbone UP3 is the right choice for you.
To date, Jawbone UP3 remains one of the best-looking fitness tracker, if not the best.
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1. Best Fitness Trackers – Fitbit Charge HR

fitbit charge hr is the best fitness tracker in 2015 wt vox
Automatic heart-rate monitoring is for Charge HR the most prominent feature over the previous version. Charge HR can run on a single charge for nearly a week, with the heart rate sensor active.
Having to charge the Charge HR (sounds funny no?) can be a bit frustrating but that is a price I am willing to pay.
The Charge HR can also deliver call and text notifications, from a smartphone by vibrating and displaying the caller ID, across the screen.
When you are working out, and you want to know the intensity and how many calories you have burnt, knowing your heart rate throughout the workout is of tremendous help.
A great fitness tracker, for professional athletes and the “weekend” runners alike.
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