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Apple watchOS 3 – Latest News And Updates


Apple watchOS 3 – Latest News And Updates.
In its latest “Wearable Technology and the Internet of Things” market report, the ConsumerLab team at the Swedish tech giant Ericsson points out that most wearables owners want a panic/SOS button.
Interestingly enough, Apple has already covered the user’s request with its latest watch OS announced last week at the WWDC. The new one-click SOS feature in the Apple watchOS 3 lets you call the emergency services in less than two seconds when needed.
However, apart from the so much requested panic button capabilities, Apple watchOS 3 brings many more new features. Here is everything you need to know.

Apple watchOS 3 – SOS And Emergency Contacts

Apple watchOS 3 - SOS And Emergency Contacts
The new SOS safety feature lets you call the 911 services in a blink, by holding the side button. It dials 911 through the phone’s cellular connection or, via the Wi-Fi if GSM-LTE is not available. I wonder, what happens if none of them are working?
Once triggered, the alarm also notifies any of your pre-assigned emergency contacts with a map of your current location. Conform to Apple, the new feature is worldwide available and connects you to the correct help number in whatever country you are. More than that, when activated, the feature displays a list containing all your medical details, extracted from your HealthKit app.

Apple watchOS 3 – Seven Times Faster Than watchOS 2

Apple watchOS 3 - Seven Times Faster Than watchOS 2
“Our main focus for the watchOS is the performance,” said Apple’s VP Kevin Lynch. In the watchOS 3, the lag is gone. Apps respond quick, and the information contained within the app is updated just as you launch it. In a live demonstration, the app running on the Watch OS2 needed a few good seconds to respond, but with WatchOS 3 the app was almost instant.

Apple watchOS 3 – Breathe App

Apple watchOS 3 - Breathe App
With the watchOS 3, Apple brings a new health app called Breathe. The new app provides guided deep breathing sessions to the Watch wearer. Inspired by a breathing form of yoga, the new feature is accessible from the dock area, and all the needed details are displayed right on the screen of your watch.
You can adjust the timing goal of your guided breathing sessions by using the crown of the watch. Once finished, the app takes your heart rate and presents you with a summary of your breathing session. There is also a smart reminder feature, to help you turn the correct breathing exercises into a daily, natural habit.

Apple watchOS 3 – Fitness Tracking

Apple watchOS 3 - Fitness Tracking
During the WWDC 2016, Apple mentioned that the leading type of usage for the Apple Watch was the activity monitoring. In that light, the company has a new fitness app as part of the watchOS 3.
The new app lets you connect with other users. See their progress and also send them messages or share “heart rates” with them. The fitness tracking for the wheelchair users has also been updated, with “time to roll” alerts instead of time to stand. More than that, the watch can now track multiple types of wheelchair pushes and then present the data in the activity rings.

Apple watchOS 3 – New Watch Faces

Apple watchOS 3 - New Watch Faces
Another notable update for the Apple watch faces, in the new watchOS 3, is the option of switching between the faces with a simple “edge to edge” swiping gesture. Apple has also added a few new watch faces this time. You can choose from the Minnie Mouse watch face or the Numeral look and also customise them with new fonts.

Add to that three new Activity rings; analogue, digital and chronograph, and you’ll find many customizable options to keep you busy while waiting for the bus.

Apple watchOS 3 – Scribble

Apple watchOS 3 - Scribble
The new OS brings in a new conversation mode with the help of Scribble. The app lets you draw letters on the Apple Watch screen, and the new OS converts them into text. Once you’ve written a letter, it fades away, allowing you to draw the next one in less than a second.

Apple watchOS 3 – Updated Interface

Apple watchOS 3 - new control center and dock
More on the additions, the watchOS 3 updated interface includes now a Control Center. The CC can be reached via a swipe up gesture, from the bottom of your screen. The side button is now remapped to launch the dock of the most recent and the running apps, replacing the contacts menu.
Also, the Reminders and the Find Friends apps sport new designs, and if you have any third-party apps, you can now add them and run them straight from the dock area.

Apple watchOS 3 – More Freedom For Developers

apple watchos 3 developers
The Apple watchOS 3 should make the developers happy too as the Cupertino company is giving them access to Apple Pay, API’s for the speaker control, video and background processing for fitness apps and also native control for the crown.
If you are a developer you can download and work with the new watchOS 3 from here. But, if you are just a consumer, not interested in Apple watchOS 3 development, you only need to know that the new OS is going to be launched as a free update, at some point this coming fall. Bookmark this page and be the first to know when, where and how.
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