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Apple Watch Survey – 1 Year Later


Almost a year after the Apple Watch launch, I think it is time to see how and where we stand with it, in the overall smartwatches market. There is no doubt that this device is by far the most successful smartwatch ever. Sales wise, publicity, from any angle you want to measure it, it is still the leader.
Still, the new uber-gadget from Apple did not set the world on fire as the previous devices did. No more old, good times. Like the days of the iPhone and the iPad. The days of Steve Jobs. A year later, things look worse than you can imagine. There is no innovation at Apple. It has not been for a few years now. Elongate the iPads. Add an S to the iPhone. Add more juice to the battery. However, I am not here to criticise Apple; I am here to look at the Apple Watch. Here we go.
One of the most respected Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities predicts that Apple Watch shipments are going to decrease by 25 percent in 2016. It is a decline despite Apple’s plans to release its second-generation of Apple Watch.
I have an Apple Watch, and I like it. Like it, not love it. I have many friends and work colleagues with Apple Watches their opinions are somehow a mixed bag. Here is the thing; if you have one, you have it. You have to wear it.

Conform to a new survey released by the advertising company Fluent, 77 percent of Apple Watch owners consider the device a success. From that, two-thirds of the existing owners plan to upgrade to the new watch when it comes out this autumn.
However, the general population or people that do not have an Apple Watch (over 53 percent of people in the survey) think that the Apple Watch is a failure.

Apple Watch High Price Is Still A Problem For Most Consumers

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Let’s have a look at a few extracts from Fluent’s survey. For example, the reasons some of existing Apple Watch owners will not be buying the next-generation Apple Watch: 34 percent of owners think that the high price is a good reason for not buying it. Then, 31 percent do not see the device as useful enough to justify its purchase. Moreover, some 16 percent think that the device is quite “ugly.”
From my perspective, the Apple Watch is not useful enough. So, if the new Apple Watch does not show that it can deliver enough useful functions to make the potential buyer say “yes, this is something worth a few hundred of pounds as it is not only exciting but it can also help me in my life.”
Still, I like that I can use my smartwatch for contactless payments, but that is pretty much all I find useful about my watch. I get wrist notifications; I can also track my health capabilities, but there are cheaper and more useful wearable devices like Jawbone and Fitbit.
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Also, despite trying to market the watch as a fashion tech device, the watch in its square-ish shape it is still weighing a lot on the tech side rather than the fashion one. One year after the Apple Watch’s launch, it seems that there won’t be any changes that would justify the consumer’s need of buying a new one.
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Apple’s lack of innovation for the last few years and Ming’s prediction are both detailed in Fluent’s market research. So far, it does not look like Apple Watch is going to be the next big thing.
Let me know what you think. Are you going to buy the new Apple Watch? If yes, why?

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  1. Avatar

    Carl France

    15 April 2016

    I certainly agree that the Apple Watch is ugly. I personally purchased a Samsung Gear S2 Classic. It might not have all the apps that the Apple Watch but it does what I want it to. It looks good, it’s easy to use,it provides good notifications navigation and health stats. Most of all it is not overpriced like everything Apple ever make.

    • Avatar


      20 April 2016

      Thats exactly my opinion. I had an Apple watch due to the fact, that I just like gadgets like this and the funktionality of the apple watch is good, but from the beginning I thought the watch was not a design hit. I like round watches. Thats why I sold it again after 3 month and now bought a Gear S2 classic. It looks like a normal watch and you are not asked: hey whats that on your wrist? I must even admit, that I changed my mobile to a Samsung S6 from my Iphone 5. iphone is nice and Siri perfect for wrining emails and stuff but nowadays everything is somehow similar and Samsung does a good job with their mobiles. Until now I dont regret it. And it works great with my GearVR But the really nice Gear S2 classic platinum is still very expensive, so the price is not much of a difference – its more: do I want it or not?

  2. Being an avid Apple user since 2007, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy an Apple Watch. Very ordinary looks and so for less money switched all my phones to Samsung and purchased a Samsung S, S2 and Huawei Watch for less than the Apple Watch. Huawei Watch is a very smart dress watch and great functionality.Turns head more than those with the Apple Watch.