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Fastest Way To Up Your Fashion Tech Style – Apple Watch Straps


New Apple Watch Straps – Fastest Way To Up Your FashionTech Game. If you are a fashionable individual that loves technology, I am sure you are up to date with the latest developments and products available in the fashion tech landscape. More than that, you might even own some smart garments, 3d printed shoes, an Apple Watch and a few more connected jewellery that you’re very proud of.

Indeed you should be proud of your fashion tech stylistic inclinations, as more fashion brands are designing products for buyers like you, interested in both, fashion and technology, at the same time.

A good example is Meridio, a company that pays close attention to the new wave of fashion tech inclined consumers, in their attempt to understand how to serve them best.

It has been long that the use of wearable technology has moved beyond the bulky and ugly fitness device. Modern smartwatches are not only functional devices but have become the fashion statement of the smart, conscious, tech-savvy consumer.

Apple Watch Straps – Italian Heritage With Meridio

Meridio’s team has years of knowledge in the field of fashion and luxury accessories, so they know best how to combine Italian heritage and craftsmanship with groundbreaking technology to make the most purchased wearable device in the world, Apple Watch, stylish again.

Apple Watch Straps - Meridio Straps from Natural Rubber

Apple Watch is the perfect example of a fashion tech product. It augments the image of a modern consumer whose life is a combination of high performance, efficiency, health and beauty. However, while providing some remarkable technology, Apple Watch still lacks when it comes to new styles or keeping up with the latest trends.

Until now, as in their quest to make the tech consumer more fashionable, Meridio has designed tailor-made Apple Watch bands infused with distinctive Italian style. The company draws inspiration from traditional design, combined with the best available raw materials.

Apple Watch Straps – From The Seashore To The Clouds

The company sent over three of their latest watch bands for us to try them out and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Read more on our impressions regarding each band, and how to style them best to look like a fashion tech force in your tribe.

The Apple Watch straps sent by Meridio to us were named Electric Blue, Submarine and Summer Cloud.

All straps are made of caoutchouc, a flexible and non-porous natural rubber. The material is 100 per cent waterproof, and I must say,  this natural rubber apple watch band feels great on the wrist.

Apple Watch Straps – Meridio Electric Blue

Close your eyes and imagine the blue of the crystalline tropical seashore on your wrist. The power of the ocean, the blue of the sky. Made from a mix of high-quality yarn with natural rubber, and adorned with coloured cotton stitching, this waterproof Apple Watch strap is designed to bring freshness back to your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Straps - Meridio Electric Blue

If you like it, here is where you can order yours from right now.

Apple Watch Straps - Meridio Electric Blue 2

Apple Watch Straps – Meridio Submarine

My Jazziest choice from all Meridio straps by far. Before I found out that this Apple Watch strap is called Submarine, The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ song came to mind. Ever since, “We all live in a yellow submarine” is all I can hear when I have this strap on my wrist.

Apple Watch Straps - Yellow Submarine

I wear it a lot, in the evening, when I go out with friends and at the beach. It stands out in an instant and best part, everybody likes it a lot. Fancy your own little submarine? Get yours from here, right now.

Apple Watch Straps - Submarine

Apple Watch Straps – Meridio Summer Cloud

The name says it all. It is summer, it is hot, and the rain is just about to start. You can smell the dust, mixed with the cold air breeze, all on your wrist. It is a perfect match with white shirts, at the office or even casual, again made from top quality materials. It is a must for your wrist.

Apple Watch Straps - Summer Cloud 2
Get your childhood summer memories from the official website right now.

Apple Watch Straps - Summer Cloud

Apple Watch Straps – Should You Buy?

Do we recommend Meridio’s Apple Watch straps? Hell yeah! These are by far some of the best Apple Watch straps we’ve tried in a while. Not only that the company understands how important it is to keep up with the latest fashion trends, but it is also using some of the best materials out there.

So if you are a ‘tech head’ that wants to look stylish and cool this summer, these Meridio Apple Watch straps are the definitive ‘must have’. While we have tried the new rubber 42mm straps, it is worth noting that Meridio makes Apple Watch straps in both sizes, 38mm and 42mm as well.

Moreover, the company has all sorts of styles, materials, patterns, and colours, on their website so head there now if you want to find more great choices to pair your Apple Watch with the bracelets and wrist accessories you might already have.

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