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Apple Watch 2 – Everything We Know After The iPhone SE Launch


Are you ready for the new Apple Watch 2?
Before I tell you what we know about the upcoming Apple Watch 2, allow me to refresh your memory with some quick Apple Watch facts. Apple introduced us to its first watch in September 2014 and started shipping the watch in April 2015.
The first watch was a hit among consumers. Analysts predicted that more than 12 million watches were to be sold by the end of 2015. Despite having no official news about the Apple Watch 2, at the iPhone SE event last month, we still gathered all reports and leaks to date.

Apple Watch 2 on display at Apple store in New York

This is the first Apple Watch put on display at Apple’s flagship store, in New York City in 2015.

Is It Apple Watch 2 Or Apple Watch S?

Even without any sales data, I am sure we all agree that the Apple Watch was the leader of the high-profile smartwatches, at its launch, back in 2015. It was not just another watch, it was a big fashion statement from Apple.
And now, almost two years after the first Apple Watch was unveiled to the world, our thoughts are turning towards what the tech giant is planning with its new Apple Watch 2.
The lack of official news from Apple, about their next generation of watch, this does not stop the internal sources from leaking data. In fact, it is the oposite hence the large amount of updates we have for you. Here is everything we know about the Apple Watch 2, all the news, the features, the design updates, the price and the possible launching day.
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apple watch 2 is just an incremental update from apple watch
Regarding the new watch name, this is a wild guess. Apple might or might not add the numeral to the ending of the watch name. Apple adds a number to its iPhones but it does not follow with any other of its devices. For example, the Apple TV, does not have a number in its name.
Some recent rumours suggest that the Apple Watch 2 is, in fact, going to be called the Apple Watch S. More like an incremental update, rather than a brand-new, redesigned Apple Watch 2.
It could have been possible. But only if the early rumours about Apple launching the “updated” Apple Watch S version this March, alongside the iPhone SE, would have come true. But it did not.

Now, after the iPhone SE hit the market, we are confident that Apple is going to push out a new version in June, 2016. It is the same strategy Apple uses for its tablets and mobiles. And let’s be honest. Would you upgrade to a new watch each year?

Apple Watch 2 – Design And Specs

Apple Watch 2 retains the form factor, but Apple brings new chassis made from new materials.

The new Apple Watch 2 retains the form factor, but the chassis is made from new materials.

A more recent report, coming from South Korea, claims that the Apple Watch 2 is sporting the same look. It has the same rectangular screen, the same screen resolution, and just the same body shape.
Even if we are all waiting for a circular watch from Apple, it seems that the company has no plans to create such model. At least for the time being.
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In a way, this is something good for us, the existing watch owners. If you already have an Apple Watch, keep the straps. You can use them with the new Apple Watch 2 if the above rumour is true.
Another report, coming from 9to5Mac, claims that even though Apple keeps the same square body for its second watch, the new display is going to be thinner. It is a design choice, to make space for a larger battery.
apple watch 2 specifications

Apple Watch 2 comes with S2, a new CPU and also a bigger battery pack.

Another rumour insists on Apple going to use new materials for its chassis. Tungsten, palladium, and platinum are some of the materials mentioned by the source. If true, you’ll have a wide range of new watches to choose from.
The same source reports that Apple is making a new “Sport” version of the Apple Watch 2. The sport version has the IP.67 rating which makes it water and dust resistant. A needed feature, and if true, it means that you can use your watch to measure your water activities too.
a swimmer in the pool with an Apple Watch 2 on his wrist

Apple Watch 2 – the sport model only – is going to be water and dust proof.

However, just remember, at this time, there is nothing 100 percent sure. What we know for sure is that Apple is looking for a second manufacturer for the new watch. Aside the Quanta Computer, Apple is in advanced discussions with Foxconn Electronics, Wistron, and Inventec.

Apple Watch 2 Brings New Features

apple watch 2 new features and apps

Apple Watch 2 comes with smart bands. The new straps give you extra battery juice and custom smart sensors.

We are not getting closer to the official news. It is confirmed that Apple Watch 2 comes with a front-facing video camera, for FaceTime calls and a pressure sensitive screen.
The Apple Watch 2 also has a new dynamic wireless chip for better WiFi. We hope the new chip brings stand-alone functions to the new watch. It means you can use it without your iPhone. Also, the new WIFI chip is going to allow the “Find My Watch” feature as well but via Wi-Fi triangulation rather than GPS.

However, some internal sources claim that Apple Watch 2 comes with smart straps. These are bands with added functions not just to make you look good. Something similar to those that Pebble has for its new line of smartwatches. I mean the Pebble Time,Pebble Time Round. and Pebble Time Steel.
Apple has already unveiled new straps at the same time with the launch of the new iPhone SE this March. While we appreciate the new colours and the new materials, this is nothing new. Also, the price is too high for straps that you can buy on Etsy for half the price.
Apple Watch 2 with new braceletThe smart straps is no longer just a rumour. I can see a new industry being born. You’ll see straps with battery extension from third-party manufacturers. Bracelets with built-in led notifications for social media apps.
Smart straps with data gathering sensors for all types of workouts. With these new ways of customising your watch, Apple is going to bring a new industry to life.

Apple Watch 2 – Software And Battery Life

apple watch 2 running watch os3

Apple Watch 2 has better power management, and lets you squeeze more battery life per charge.

Looking back at Apple’s previous releases, one can say that there won’t be any major changes in the Apple Watch 2. If Apple retains the body factor, we expect the same battery in the new watch. Maybe a new tech, but the same battery size.
You might not know but there is a market research requested by Apple that supports the “small changes” concept. The report reveals that most Apple Watch users are okay with minor changes and also with charging their watch every night. No, it is not a joke.
Regarding the software, the Apple Watch 2 is expected to come with a new OS, the Watch OS3.

Apple Watch 2 – Release Date And Price

apple watch 2 release date in store is the 15th of June 2016

Get ready for long waiting queues outside Apple stores worldwide for the launch of the Apple Watch 2.

It seems that every single report mentions June 2016 as the release date of the Apple Watch 2. One reports cites Barry Lam, the CEO of Quanta, an Apple manufacturer.

“Quanta and Apple are working together on the second-generation of the Apple Watch. Expect it late next year, in the second quarter.”

Even though Quanta is one the makers of the new watch, some analysts still expected to see the new Apple Watch 2, launched at the Apple event, this past March 2016. As you already know by now, it was not the case. So, the next stop is June as predicted.
Apple store in New York
In fact, the June 2016 release date coincides with the W.W.D.C. and it remains the most probable launching date for the Apple Watch 2.
In regard to the price of the new Apple Watch 2, we are expecting new prices that are going to reflect the new materials in use. Also, a more recent rumour mentions a new watch model, priced between the $1.000 for the Stainless steel model and the $10.000 for the gold edition watch.
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