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The Age Of Algorithmic Fashion Styles And AI Fashion


Algorithmic Fashion Styles. Looking for your best fashion style? Well, time to ask Google Style AI to match your outfit.
For a long time, fashion startups and retailers have had their sights set on making fashion apparel recognisable and searchable by AI’s image recognition. The idea behind was always to snap a picture of someone walking down the street wearing a super dress, then, a few seconds later have Google telling you about the brand, model, style, material price and where to buy it from. That simple!
Algorithmic Fashion Styles -girls matching fashion styles on iphone

Algorithmic Fashion Styles – Google Lens Fashion

After years of research, development, investments, startups and technology organisations mixing in, finally, Google launched its version of the AI fashion recognition innovation.

Called ‘Style Match,’ the feature builds on the existing ‘Google Lens’ technology which lets users take photos of any fashion items and find other similar products. Starting with buildings and works of art, ‘Lens’ was introduced by Google in May 2017 as a new way for its users to obtain relevant information about the world around them via photo.

Interesting to know is that the British Asos already has a visual fashion search tool named Style Match, launched in August last year. In March 2018, the e-tailer rolled out ‘Style Match’, to Android and iOS users around the world. This isn’t the first time that Asos invests in emerging tech.
Late last year, the e-commerce retailer introduced Facebook shopping bots for customers in the United Kingdom and France. The chatbots were meant to act as a ‘shopping assistants.’ Add to these two innovations to the introduction of Ava, a virtual personal assistant who helps you find what you need by keeping track of your size and style preferences to narrow down what you’re browsing.
Oh, let’s not forget that unique feature ASOS gave its customers to try on pieces before committing, similar to Amazon Prime Wardrobe.
Algorithmic Fashion Styles - luxury bad selected by AI

Algorithmic Fashion Styles – Asos Fashion Innovation

But it is not only Asos and Google working hard to take over this space. There is also ‘Screenshop‘, an app that got off to a buzzy start in 2017 thanks to the famous fashion influencer, Kim Kardashian.

‘Screenshop’ uses AI to decipher screenshots and shoppable goods, similar to the subjects’ outfits, similar in function to ‘Pinterest Lens’, launched by, you guess right, Pinterest. Their ‘Lens’ takes photos of real-world objects, including apparel, and it returns with similar pictures.
There’s no denying that new tech tools developed around AI are going to change the way we shop for fashion. There is the AI style matching, the AI chatbot fashion advisors, AI stylists, and many more to come.
Algorithmic Fashion Styles - red high heels on an iphone screen

Algorithmic Fashion Styles – The Danger Of AI Fashion

However, in granting the AI the brand-awareness power there is the danger of becoming more dependent on somebody else’s style. We already depend on social media apps like Pinterest and Instagram but soon, ‘style’ could become an algorithm. There is the danger that our style will take cues from technology, thus what we wear becomes standardised.
It is not only fashion consumers, as the AI image recognition could impact fashion brands as well; what they design, what they offer, and how they market it. But perhaps AI and its image recognition feature are not as frightful as some of us tend to believe.

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  1. Interesting post, as I was reading your last point, it got me thinking about a new start-up I was introduced to by a friend. It’s a London based startup called Moonsift and I think what they’re planning (they haven’t launched yet, but you can sign-up on their website to hear when their Beta is out which should be soon) to do with AI is a fresh take. Whilst most search engines require you to search for something which is great when you know what you’re looking for, what happens when you don’t know? They are not trying to push someone else’s ‘style’, instead, as you use Moonsift, the AI learns your preferences and it is able to discover items that you will like and suggest them to you. So, rather than telling people how to style things and risk standardising what we wear like many other apps, it’s helping you find cool new things you might never have come across before. Can’t wait to test it out when it finally launches! By any chance has anyone else heard about it? I’d love to know what others think about it?