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Korea’s First AI-Designed Clothes Are Now Available In Stores


Korea’s first AI-designed clothes are now available in stores. Handsome, a South Korean fashion company has just released its new line of fashion apparel designed with the help of artificial intelligence.

AI-designed clothes – On the steps of 8 by YOOX

It is the second endeavour of this type, following the launch of 8, another AI-powered fashion label which belongs to YOOX group and the use of AI in fashion design by Stitch Fix.

SJYP fashion label, – Steve Jung & Yoni Pai – has resulted from the collaboration of Handsome, an associate of Hyundai DSG, and Designovel, a startup specialised in creating artificial intelligence for fashion.

AI-designed clothes - SJYP designers

The SJYP’s first product is a hoodie called the ‘Dino Hood Tee’, and it is hailed as Korea’s first AI-designed fashion garment to hit the stores.

Designovel’s ‘Style AI’ has ‘made’ its custom-designed by drawing inspiration from over 330,000 pictures, characters and logos, provided by Handsome, via the convolutional neural network.

AI-designed clothes – More than pattern recognition

CNN is an image processing technology which recognises, categorises and process patterns for the development of new fashion styles and designs.

The final design features the image of a dinosaur embedded with the brand’s logo and Lego blocks.

AI-designed clothes - SJYP using more than pattern recognition

“We began this collaboration to see if it was possible to create AI-fashion designs for real-world use,” said a spokesman from Handsome.

The hoodie costs $215 and is already available via SJYP stores and Hyundai’s Department Stores nationwide, online and offline.

AI-designed clothes – Customer data collection

Handsome is now looking forward to expanding the use of algorithmically-designed clothes and implement AI capabilities in other phases of fashion such as customer data by granting the AI access to the latest trends and styles in real time.

“We are looking at integrating AI technology into other aspects of our fashion business, such as personalised designs and outfits according to the data collected and social media recommendations from our consumers”, said the spokesman of Handsome.

AI-designed clothes - SJYP customer data collection AI-designed clothes - SJYP collection

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