Samsung Gear S2 Gold Revealed, iPhone Support Coming Later This Year

Samsung Gear S2 gold next to a Gear S2 platinum edition

Samsung Gear S2 Gold Revealed, iPhone Support Coming Later This Year.

If you are like me, in love with your iPhone, but fancy the Samsung Gear S2 watch, I have some good news for you.

From the beginning, Samsung made its Tizen-powered Gear S2 smartwatch compatible with all Android phones. All “Androids” running 4.4 and above. However, Samsung did not stop there.

The company’s VP, Alanna Cotton took on stage at CES 2016 and announced that the Samsung Gear S2 watch is going to be compatible with the iPhone later this year.

Cotton did not mention a specific date or details. Even though, I’d expect the Gear S2 to lose some its functionalities while running on the iOS.

However, with its round face and the rotating bezel, the Gear S2 is one of the best smartwatches released to date. It is tempting for many iPhone users, including me.

Samsung Gear S2 Gold And New Watch Faces

samsung gear s2 gold edition

Apart from the iPhone compatibility, Samsung’s exec also revealed that the Gear S2 Classic watch is going to be available in two new finishes. A new 18-karat Rose Gold model with an ivory-colored leather band, and a Platinum version with a black leather band.

For even more creative options, Samsung is adding not only new band choices but also new watch faces. The new watch faces feature artwork from artists like Burton Morris, Keith Haring, Jeremyville and Jean-Michael Basquiat.

At CES, the Korean manufacturer also detailed on its mobile payment system. Good news, the Samsung Gear S2 is going to support Samsung Pay in the U.S. and South Korea. To be ready by mid-2016.

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For those of you new to the Samsung ecosystem, Samsung Pay is a mobile payment system that works just like the Apple Pay. You can use your phone or watch to make payments. However, Samsung claims that its Pay is different the Apple Pay. Not better or faster but different. It remains to be seen what they mean by that.

samsung gear s2 platinum

We know that that Samsung’s Pay system works by using near field communication (N.F.C.) as well as via the magnetic strip tech. It means that the retailers will not have to upgrade their point-of-sales terminals.

If that is true, Samsung’s Pay is going to work with over 90 percent of the world’s retailers. It seems like Apple Pay is going to have some serious competition in 2016.

With the recent updates would you consider a Samsung Gear S2 instead of the Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Adrian

    12th January 2016 at

    This is the one! I’ve sold my Apple watch, as functionality was great but design hmpf****. The Gear S2 classic platinum is actually the most beautiful smartwatch I know. As soon as IOS support comes it will be bought. At least, if the price doesnt push me back.
    With the gear-watch-designer you can even create your very own watchface – awesome! Please, Samsung, make it not too expensive and tell a date for IOS release!

  2. kyle

    12th January 2016 at

    Samsung Pay has already been released, it’s just not yet compatible with the gear s2. I use Samsung Pay on my s6 edge plus and it is fantastic! It’s “funny” to watch the extremely confused look on some clerks faces when they try to say it won’t work there yet it does. I’ve used it at multiple different places, and as long as they accept the type of card you are trying to use, it works! The biggest downside right now is the limited number of banks/cards compatible. I’m sure that number will rise quickly as it gains traction. I just switched from an iPhone 6 plus and almost never used apple pay since it was rarely accepted places. Samsung Pay is definitely “better” than Apple Pay right now.

  3. Ira

    13th January 2016 at

    I have the classic now and it’s awesome…. but Tinzen really needs more apps. Apps like Google maps, Facebook messenger, and what’s app need to made available. It’s pretty there just isn’t a lot of substance…

    • nufan

      14th January 2016 at

      I’m so confused by this comment, you mention three apps two of which are available on the s2 (facebook, whatsapp) gmaps wont be so if you’re a google loyalist you’ll be disappointed but there’s heremaps (nokia).

  4. Roger

    14th January 2016 at

    There is a race condition now. I love the Apple Watch, but as noted, the design of the Gear S2 is much nicer.

    So the race is:
    * Gear S2 with as many native apps as my Apple Watch wOS2, and voice integration on iOS – vs –
    * Next iteration of Apple Watch with better (circular?) design, integrated (virtual?) SIM, and GPS.

    Good times

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