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Still Unsure About Organic Makeup? You Must Read This!


Organic makeup and what you need to know about it. Makeup has been around for thousands of years, and it wasn’t just women who wore it. There’s overwhelming evidence showing that both men and women used products that made change their looks, be that for love or war purposes.

Nowadays, makeup is used not just to look beautiful, but also to boost self-esteem and confidence. The cosmetics industry generates upwards of $40 billion in global spending across a vast spectrum of products.

organic beauty products for men and women

Why Organic Makeup?

Despite fashion trends and what cosmetics magazine promote, you’ll always have the choice of whether to wear make-up or not. However, recent research indicates that wearing makeup does have its benefits.

Makeup doesn’t always mean the heavy application of cremes, powders and other beauty enhancing products. Makeup can be as minimal as a moisturiser and a dash of lipstick, up to the thick red carpet ‘pancake style’. There’s a look for every occasion and every consumer.

Why organic makeup

However, with the extensive scale of information available to us today, we are much better equipped to decide whether the makeups we use are safe or not. There’s a growing awareness, towards the products we buy and use on our skins.

Not only how they make us look, but what are they made of, has become critical to modern day conscious consumers.

Products like stone, white lead, chalk, arsenic, cat-dung, vinegar, animal-fat, mercury, nitric acid, and belladonna remain some of the toxic and very harmful materials we still apply on our faces, hair, and body, without even knowing it.

why you must use organic makeup

Then, some makeup products are manufactured from synthetic materials or chemicals which also harm your skin, and general health in the long run.

However, the 21st century put us on a quest for a safer and more effective alternative to the classic style makeups.

Welcome to the times of organic makeup. It involves the use of cruelty-free natural products that provide the same effect as the synthetic and chemical ones, but are much safer for us and the environment.

natural and organic makeup

What Does Organic Makeup Contain?

In the past, organic makeup products were perceived as cheap and of poor quality when compared to their synthetic counterparts.

But with better R&D, marketing, and the understanding we have now about our bodies, animals, and the environment, that perception has changed.

natural beauty and organic makeup

And also, the early days of organic makeups saw it drawn in an ocean of greenwashing.

But now, all organic makeup products must be certified and composed of natural ingredients. Must be animal-free, with no chemicals, preservatives, dyes, synthetic fragrances, petroleum, and so on.

So the question is: why apply chemicals to your precious, delicate skin when there are thousands of natural products to complement and enhance your natural beauty, now in the 21st century?

organic makeup

Yes, organic makeup is comparatively costlier, but in the long-term, the additional expenditure (or investment) will benefit your pocket, skin and health. Apart from protecting and nourish your body, organic makeups preserve the environment and animals alike.

As a word of care, organic products won’t last as long as synthetic alternatives. That’s because all-natural products do not have chemical and preservatives in their composition.

That’s why, if you decide to use organic makeup, make sure you always choose the most reliable and well-established brands.

Natural beauty products and organic makeup

However, while organic makeups may not be as long-lasting as the chemical ones, you don’t have to worry about refreshing your look as many times as you do with the artificial ones.

You can keep them longer on your skin, without the fear of red spots, clogged pores or allergic reactions to some health threating toxins.

And if you already are a conscious consumer that’s taking care of her inner health and harmony every day, with vegan food and meditations, here’s the next challenge for you.

Let organic makeup take care of your outer self, and become the person you always wanted to be — a force for yourself, animals, and nature.

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