Here’s Why The World Needs an Eco-friendly Plastic Replacement Right Now!

Eamon Kunze

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The world needs an eco-friendly plastic replacement and it needs it fast.

It is quite challenging to imagine a world without plastic.

Plastic is in everything we use nowadays, in food containers, shoes and garments, in cars, and the homes we live in.

Urgent Need for Eco-friendly Plastic

Need for eco-friendly plastic alternatives

However, despite the help provided over the last five or six decades, the detriment caused by plastic to the environment can no longer be ignored.

Plastic has slowly become the main source of pollution, destroying the environment and chocking animals.

Plastic is so omnipresent, that’s now even in the food we eat and the water we drink.

The world’s oceans are packed with plastic.

Right now, there are almost 15,000 pieces of plastic litter in every square Km.

However, not all plastic is visible, hence this wrong perception that plastic pollution is just a media exaggeration.

And yet, the amount of invisible microscopic plastic floating in the oceans is huge, causing irreversible damage to the plankton, fish, and ocean fauna.

But, there’s another equally serious problem with unmade plastic. Yes, plastic yet to be manufactured.

The making of four plastic bottles equivalents the amount of CO2 and other toxic gas emissions resulting from driving a petrol car for a mile.

Over the last half-century, we had a steep increase in plastic production, in all sectors and walks of life.

Eco-friendly Plastic – Business Opportunity

Growth of plastic production diagram from 1960 to 2014

During the 1960s, when we’ve produced roughly fifteen million tonnes, to a recorded 350 million tonnes in 2018.

Moreover, according to Antoine Frérot, the CEO of Veolia, the number is expected to triple by 2050 if we don’t do something about it.

By then, the global plastic production will account for 20 per cent of the world’s total consumption of oil.

Similar findings are shared by, ‘The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’ in a report showing that manufacturing and usage of single-use plastics cost the world $40 billion every year.

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An alternative to plastic is needed and it is needed right now.

Plastic production and consumption no longer make sense.

The perceived social and financial gains are dwarfed by the environmental damage.

The time has come to invent a new type of eco-friendly plastic.

It is time to redesign the classic, wasteful models of manufacturing and adopt circular, innovative models.

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