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Sustainable Activewear – A Perfect Match For Your Conscious Lifestyle

Natalie Wilson
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Sustainable Activewear is a perfect match for your conscious lifestyle. You might be the kind of person that never forgets to take along some reusable bags when you go to the supermarket. Or, order your favourite drink with no plastic straw. 🥤

That ever-so-conscious person that’s pouring the morning coffee into reusable cups and eats only with wooden cutleries.

An active and healthy person that respects others and goes to yoga classes regularly! 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

Role of yoga in a mindful lifestyle

Why Choose Sustainable Activewear

You might be a mindful person that avoids fast fashion for its damaging impact on the environment, all you care is a pair of leggings, a jumper and a t-shirt.

Yoga activewear for a conscious lifestyle

But I wonder, have you given a thought to the kind of impact our growing obsession with activewear has on the oceans, landfills and the environment in general?

Have you ever checked the origin of the materials in your activewear apparel? Have you ever wanted to know who made your activewear before buying?

Is what you put on your body less critical than the bag you carry food in, or the straw you drink your daily coffee through?

Most apparel labels own new types of machinery and innovative technologies that can finally recycle all our clothing. So, technology is no longer the problem but the demand, from you, from me, from us.

Since the market demand is not there, why would apparel brands change the way they manufacture?

Natural Link Between Active Lifestyle & Conscious Living

There is a natural link between one’s intention of doing good and the need to keep fit and healthy.

Active Lifestyle & Conscious Living

Just look at the events such as the Racing for life, or London Marathon, to see the correlation between exercising for a healthy lifestyle with acting for a cause.

These are the people with the ability to make a massive difference to the world. And yet, how many of the runners at this year’s London Marathon have consciously chosen sustainable activewear?

Most of them care about the bottles they use, ‘no more plastic please’ but how many of them wear sustainable activewear?

That is why we all must ensure that buying sustainable clothing becomes a priority. clothes and accessories that are made to protect the environment.

Apparel made from innovative textiles, or even recycled materials. A kind of fashion you can be proud of. A kind that resonates with your values in life.

And if you’re after some help on what to shop, here we are ready to help. These are some emerging activewear labels, still trendy and yet, sustainable.

Brands that minimise waste by recycling ocean plastics and turn it into usable textiles. Sustainable activewear labels that are a perfect match for your active lifestyle.


Vyayama sustainable activewear Vyayama sustainable activewear

This yoga clothing brand is known to make sustainable activewear from Tencel, an eco-friendly fabric. See their collections here! 😍


Manduka sustainable yoga accessories

The yoga mats from Manduka are made out of organic tree rubber, fully biodegradable.

Yoga Democracy

Yoga Democracy sustainable activewear for yoga Yoga Democracy sustainable activewear for yoga

Their eye-catching apparel, with beautiful and bold patterns, are made only from recycled bottles. Check out their yoga leggings here.

Davy J

Davy J sustainable swimwear Davy J sustainable swimwear

Made from nylon yarn that is regenerated from waste, Davy J’s apparel is both, sexy and youthful in style.

Silou London

Silou London chic sustainable activewear for women Silou London stylish sustainable activewear

Using non-toxic textiles manufactured in Lithuania, Silou London is into designs that stand out, showcasing love for fitness and planet at the same time.


Vivobarefoot sustainable shoes Vivobarefoot, durable and sustainable

A company that converts every 17 recycled plastic bottles into a high performing durable shoe. Get yours today.


Starseeds sustainable activewear Starseeds sustainable activewear

Starseeds creates leggings from recycled polyester and coffee ground waste.

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  1. There’s no denying that performance is crucial to any activewear, whether sustainable or not.