The Most Unexpected Secret To A Healthy Lifestyle


A healthy lifestyle impacts every aspect of your life, be it your physical or mental health, performance at the workplace, and even family and relationships. A healthy lifestyle comes from how you choose to live your life every day, but many factors are responsible for your well-being.

Factors such as the type of food you eat, the exercise you do, sleep habits, your surroundings, positive thinking and so much more.

Let’s look into these factors in detail.


healthy diet prevents diseases like obesity and cancer while keeping your heart healthy

Eating nuts, fruits, vegetables and whole grains supply your body with all the essential nutrients required to keep it functioning well.

A healthy diet prevents diseases like obesity and cancer while keeping your heart healthy. Also, it helps in keeping your mind fresh and active.

Equally, as the human body is composed of 60 per cent water, it is essential to drink lots of water.

The fluids present in our body are responsible for carrying out various functions such as absorption and digestion of food, the creation of saliva, and regulation of body temperature.

Drinking water is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle

That is why most experts recommend drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day.

However, water needs again vary from person to person. A person who works out a lot is different than a pregnant or a breastfeeding woman and require different amounts of water.


Exercise improves mood

The human body requires regular physical activity. A daily regimen of gym exercises and general sports would help you stay fit.

For those unable to exercise, walking or even just Yoga, would have the same effect.

Yoga and mediation for a healthy body and mind

Physical activity improves mood, keeps body weight under control, boosts energy and improves the body’s resistance against diseases.

An hour of physical activity every day is enough to keep your physical state fit. Meditation also helps in keeping your mental state sound.

Sleep Habits

Sleeping habit is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle

Sleeping is essential to recharge your brain and body so that you can actively function the following day, again, at maximum capacity.

Most adults require around eight hours of sleep every day.

science shows that afternoon naps are incredibly beneficial

You can also take short power naps in the afternoons, as science shows that they are incredibly beneficial.

If you have trouble sleeping early at night, turn off all screen devices and try listening to soft music or reading a book.

Clean surroundings

Neat surroundings are known to maintain mental health at peak

Keep your surroundings clean. Organise your desk well, clean your house regularly, don’t keep dirty dishes in the sink for long, and grow plants in your garden or balcony.

Organised desk and clean surrounding help to maintain mental health

Neat surroundings are known to maintain mental health at peak. Not to mention that it does not allow bacterias, moulds and other diseases to crawl into your house.

And after all, by keeping a clean environment, you make sure you don’t have some foul smell in the house.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking as a key factor in a healthy lifestyle

As we are materialistic being by nature, we tend to ignore things that we can’t see or touch. But positive thinking is a formidable weapon in keeping our minds healthy.

Having positive thinking will reflect on your actions. So from now on try to be an optimist at mind.

Someone who doesn’t believe in rumours engages in rational conversations and always thinks of doing good for others.

Having positive thinking improves your lifestyle

That being said, it is okay to deviate from a healthy lifestyle sometimes.

In fact, research shows that the feeling good you get out of eating your favourite pizzas, burgers or pastries, or when you go to a party and stay till late night, have a much more profound positive effect on you when compared with a thoroughly regimented life, packed with healthy food, regular exercise, but bored to death.

So if you feel lazy working out in the mornings, don’t force yourself against your laziness. It might be more detrimental than you think.

Just adjust your lifestyle to what makes you happy, well, within certain boundaries.

And as you start seeing drastic changes in your physical and mental well-being, you can begin by adopting healthy habits and let go of your old ones.

It is true that all it takes for a positive change is a little motivation. But motivation comes from doing what you love.